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Portland, OR

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Aqua Instructor Time Location (distance)
Kirsten H. 8:30AM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Heidi 10:15AM Vancouver 131st Ave SuperSport (8.8mi)
Aylin 11:00AM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Athletic Training Instructor Time Location (distance)
12:00PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
BODYATTACK™ Instructor Time Location (distance)
Allison 12:00PM The Pearl (3.3mi)
BODYCOMBAT™ Instructor Time Location (distance)
Kirsten 5:30PM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Kristin 5:30PM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
BODYPUMP™ Instructor Time Location (distance)
Holly 5:30AM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Samantha 5:30AM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
Patti 5:30AM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Lizzie 5:30AM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Toni 5:45AM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Allison 9:00AM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Kara 9:00AM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
Lizzie 9:00AM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Tammy 9:15AM Vancouver 131st Ave SuperSport (8.8mi)
Adrienne 9:30AM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Kristin 4:30PM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Lizzie 5:30PM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Tammy 5:30PM Vancouver 131st Ave SuperSport (8.8mi)
Samantha 6:00PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Kirsten 6:30PM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Liz 6:30PM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
CXWORX™ Instructor Time Location (distance)
Temple 8:30AM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Lizzie 11:30AM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Allison 12:30PM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Judy 4:30PM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Lizzie 6:30PM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Tammy 6:30PM Vancouver 131st Ave SuperSport (8.8mi)
Angel 7:00PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Cycle Instructor Time Location (distance)
Denise 5:30AM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Tammy 5:30AM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Mary 5:30AM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Adrienne 8:30AM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Chantel 9:15AM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Laura 9:30AM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Helene 10:00AM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Amy B 12:00PM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Liz 5:30PM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Peter 5:30PM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Hip Hop Instructor Time Location (distance)
mari 7:00PM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Insanity Instructor Time Location (distance)
Steph 5:30AM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Lizzie 12:00PM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Holly 12:00PM Beaverton (9.5mi)
RPM™ Instructor Time Location (distance)
Alexander 7:00AM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Temple 9:15AM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Temple 12:00PM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Temple 5:30PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Edwin 6:00PM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Senior Fitness Instructor Time Location (distance)
Group X Team 10:00AM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Patricia H 11:00AM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Kelly 12:30PM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
1:00PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
SilverSneakers® Classic Instructor Time Location (distance)
Melanie 11:00AM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Sue C. 11:00AM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Kara 11:15AM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
Christie 11:30AM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Step Instructor Time Location (distance)
Nancy 9:00AM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Kathryn 10:00AM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
Total Body Conditioning Instructor Time Location (distance)
Ginger G 9:15AM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Chantel 11:15AM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Mariecella 4:30PM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Total Body Pilates Instructor Time Location (distance)
Nancy 10:15AM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Turbo Kick® Instructor Time Location (distance)
Alyssa 5:30PM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Mary 6:00PM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
U-JAM Fitness® Instructor Time Location (distance)
Group X Team 10:00AM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Kathy 7:30PM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Yoga Instructor Time Location (distance)
Ati 7:45AM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Melanie 10:00AM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Ati 10:15AM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Ami 10:30AM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Gabrielle 12:00PM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Rebecca 12:30PM Downtown Portland (4.1mi)
Chris 4:00PM The Pearl (3.3mi)
Tiffany Lee 4:30PM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
Alessandra 5:30PM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Gaye 6:30PM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Jenny 7:30PM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Shelley 7:30PM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Sandra 8:00PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Zumba® Instructor Time Location (distance)
Wendy 9:00AM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
Denise 10:00AM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Tiffany 10:15AM Vancouver Andresen (5.6mi)
Tiffany 5:30PM Columbia Tech Center (8.0mi)
Kimo 5:30PM Beaverton (9.5mi)
Mariemma 6:30PM Portland McLoughlin SuperSport (5.4mi)
Sarah H. 6:30PM Tanasbourne Super Sport (9.7mi)
Ashley 7:15PM Mall 205 (Portland) (5.5mi)
Zumba® Aqua Instructor Time Location (distance)
Tish 6:30PM Vancouver 131st Ave SuperSport (8.8mi)
willPower & grace® Instructor Time Location (distance)
Carrie 10:30AM Vancouver 131st Ave SuperSport (8.8mi)
Meagan 5:00PM Hollywood Super Sport (2.7mi)
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