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GX24™ Studio Classes That Move You

There IS a class for everyone. Find yours. Inspire your mind and transform your body with classes and workouts taught by instructors devoted to make it the very best hour of your day.

Led by amazing instructors, our classes offer community, energy, and motivation to create a transformative experience and help deliver fitness results. And now, you can enjoy all your favorite workouts from, cardio and dance (Cycle, Zumba or UJam) to strength training, conditioning and yoga, all thoughtfully designed to get and keep you moving towards your best self. Best of all, classes are included in your membership!

Our Philosophy

Good Workouts Move You

Our goal for classes is quite simple. Our goal is after each class you can declare it was the Best. Class. Ever. We are committed to make every day fitness an exciting experience with extraordinary results.

This means you get the workout you want, and have a great time with great people along the way. It feels like magic, and it is the secret sauce to a turning a great day into an incredible day.

Our Programs

There Is a Class for You

We believe that you should be able to find the class you want, when you want it. Whether your goal today is to get started, transform your body or achieve a fierce fitness goal, there is a class for you. We believe in the power of GX classes to help deliver fitness results to all members regardless of skill level, fitness level or age. Our classes combine world-class program design, straightforward fun, memorable workouts and a passionate and inclusive community to keep you moving. We provide a variety of classes across disciplines as an ideal movement mix to keep you engaged and progressing toward your goals.

Our Instructors

Team GX24 AKA Our Dream Team

We believe that fitness instructors and coaches are a special breed of people--inspired leaders really--ready and waiting to train and empower the world to their greatness. Our workouts and programs are awesome, but our instructors are downright amazing. They are dedicated and truly care about your class experience and personal results. We foster communities and design the environment to be a passionate positive experience. Regardless of the discipline, each instructor is committed to bring the studio to life with a great workout, inspired music and just the right motivation to help bring out the best in you.