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Girl Power!

by KatrinaMC on February 7, 2013

In my many years in the fitness industry, women have frequently shared their feelings about weight loss and resistance training.  I've heard quite often, “Oh, I just need to do more cardio”, “I don’t want to get bulky”, or “I don’t want to lift more than 3-5 lb. weights”. THESE ARE ALL MYTHS!

One of the main reasons women hold onto weight or fat more then men is because we don’t have as much lean muscle. Muscles are continuously working which burns fat.  Therefore it is necessary, actually mandatory, to weight train to lose weight and reshape your body. Using your own body weight is a form of weight training and is a good place to start. However you should eventually progress to heavier weights, choosing free weights, resistance bands and weight machines.  You will then actually become leaner than you’ve ever been.

I learned this first hand when I went through my own 60 lb. weight loss a few years ago.  I had struggled for years focusing mainly on cardio.  Once I learned about the power of weight training and incorporated it into my routine, the results were amazing.  It became an even greater benefit once I began working with a personal trainer and had an expert customizing my workouts and consistently changing it so that I never hit a plateau.  It's one of the reasons I became a trainer AND continue to work with a trainer.

What types of weight training have you used or are considering using?