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12 Days of Fitness - Day 4

by Scott G. on December 15, 2013

On the fourth day of fitness, challenge yourself with FOUR wall squats! Squats exercise the quads, glutes and hamstrings – targeting a large group of muscles in one movement. If you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t during the holidays) squats can give you a full leg workout with just a couple sets. A bonus, hitting all of those muscles will also boost your calorie burn throughout the day, great for those upcoming holiday parties.


12 Days of Fitness - Day 3

by Scott G. on December 14, 2013

On the third day of fitness, we’ve got THREE healthy tips for surviving the mall! With only two Saturday’s left before the big day, many will be hitting the mall today. Try these tips to keep your fitness goals in check during your time at the mall. #12daysoffitness


Even Santa makes time for cardio!

by Scott G. on December 13, 2013

On the second day of fitness, we’ve swapped the turtledoves for TWO cardio sessions. In addition to your regular workout, challenge yourself to squeeze in a 30-minute walk before work or during lunch.


12 Days of Fitness - Day 1

by Scott G. on December 12, 2013

With shopping, parties and tasty treats, the holidays can be a challenging time for eating healthy and sticking to your regular workout routine. To help you stay on track, we’ve put together the 12 Days of Fitness: workout challenges, nutrition tips and holiday recipes.


Forgetting Something? Part 4

by Scott G. on December 10, 2013

The trapezius (traps for short) is a muscle in the upper part of your back that’s responsible for moving your shoulder blades. While the upper portion of the traps may get some attention at the gym, the mid and lower portions traps are frequently overlooked. Weak traps can cause muscle imbalances, resulting in an increased risk of injury and back pain.