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The Affirmation Fabrication

by Robert Cappuccio on March 9, 2015

Have you ever purchased a self-help book, attended a seminar, or watched a video where the presenter shared techniques such as affirmations, promising you unlimited potential, financial freedom, the body of your dreams, or perhaps total freedom from guilt? 

You gave your full attention to the program in anticipation of all of the miraculous changes you were going to make. 


Stretch Your Definition of Flexibility

March 4, 2015
When you think flexibility, images of ballerinas, gymnasts, and yogis probably spring to mind. But flexibility isn’t just for those who are, um, bendy. It’s vital to health, performance and longevity for everybody. Doing the splits or getting your foot behind your head make for great party tricks, but everyday flexibility allows us to move well, prevents injuries, and helps us get stronger.

Playing the Imitation Game: Success through Modeling

March 3, 2015

With Robert Cappuccio, Director of Coaching, 24 Hour Fitness

Amanda would love to be more fit than she is. A trainer at her gym suggests a particular group class, but Amanda explains, “That won’t work for me; I've tried them before.” She goes on to tell herself, “I’m too out of shape and I’d probably struggle to keep up.  The instructor won’t want me in her class—and she wouldn’t help me, anyway.”


Revitalize Your YEAR OF YOU

March 2, 2015

Every day is a chance to get up and do it again: to be your best self. It’s hard work sometimes—and it’s important to rest hard and play hard, for the best results. If rest and play are not part of your day, we’ll help you find ways to make time—and make those moments count.

We’ve covered tips for mindset, nourishment and movement that contribute to the you who can achieve everything you want to do. This time, we focus on regeneration.


Get a Move on Your YEAR OF YOU

February 23, 2015

Move on up to your best self - the you who is ready to achieve everything you desire. We’ll help you walk, run, or dance there, stretch to reach it, get the most from each moment, and make each moment count.

So far, we’ve featured tips on mindset and nourishment to fuel your best you. This time, we focus on movement.