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The Resolution Revolution

January 8, 2016

On January 1st many of us optimistically resolve to get our finances in order, stop drinking, smoking and overeating, and then by January 3rd we seriously start to consider finally starting therapy for compulsively lying to ourselves all these years.  By the end of the year, research shows 92 percent of us will have broken our resolutions or never started.


10 great habits to form in 2016

by Beth Taska on January 7, 2016

After spending a lot of energy and focus in 2015 in reading books, listening to podcasts, perusing articles, creating trainings and thinking about writing something each week, I’ve got a list. I don’t know about you, but I love end-of-year lists, such as the 10 best books, the 10 best movies, etc.


Resolutions, Self-Sabotage and Resolve A First Look at Elements Undermining and Sabotaging Your Success

by Dr. Joan Rosenberg on January 6, 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you are able to enjoy everything you dream of in 2016 and that you are off to a great start!


Look Back to Move Ahead

December 31, 2015

As the year ends and a new one starts, we want a clean start and a chance to renew. But it’s hard to turn the page if you are still stuck on the current chapter of your life.  David Allen’s world-renowned methodology for organizational productivity also happens to be a great tool to for your transition from this year to the next.


You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Feel Financial Abundance

December 18, 2015

Joy Principe knows how to transform an end-of-year financial assessment into a joy-filled exercise. She’s spent more than 25 years as a CPA helping people achieve financial freedom and abundance with a breakthrough approach to a subject that fills most of us with dread.