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Middle Managment

by Scott G. on April 9, 2014

An endless amount of crunches aren’t the best way to sculpt a whittled middle. Focusing solely on your abs and skipping the other muscles when you’re trying to get that six-pack to pop could cause you to be out of balance or worse yet, a candidate for injury.


Bourbon Glazed Salmon - Must be Foodie Friday!

by Scott G. on April 4, 2014

I always love adding salmon to my diet whenever possible for its health benefits and this Asian-inspired recipe offers some great new flavors to keep things fresh.


We've Got Spring Fever at 24 Hour Fitness!

by Shawn M. on April 1, 2014

Don’t miss Spring Fever – three days of Group X® insanity that’ll re-ignite your workout. Bring the heat and join us April 11-13 for themed dress-up days, in-club special offers and a lot of fun!


Foodie Friday - Basketball Game Night Make Overs

by Scott G. on March 28, 2014

Are you looking for some #healthysnacks to munch on while you’re watching the college basketball finals? Check out these #healthyrecipes for Black Bean Hummus and Black Bean Salsa! #foodiefriday #TGIFF


Jayne H. Finds a Fitness Community in Paramus, NJ

by Sandi L. on March 26, 2014

Member Jayne H. found a “true fitness community” at Paramus Super-Sport. The camaraderie and support from group exercise classmates and her trainer Stacey J. has helped Jayne lose over 100 pounds.