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Exercise Eases MS Issues for Kathy P.

by Sandi L. on October 1, 2013

Member Kathy P. from Tigard, OR has been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for years. Starting with lower impact group exercise classes and working her way up, Kathy has lost 58-pounds and made her MS obstacles less challenging. Check out Kathy's story.


Team Member Momo Hits the Beach

by Sandi L. on September 29, 2013

Team Member Melinda D. (AKA Momo) from Huntington Beach, CA not only lost 40 pounds and lowered her body fat she also found a new passion: fitness competitions. We think her progress and dedication are inspiring and we can’t believe her amazing after photo! Here’s her story!


Foodie Friday - Herb-Roasted Tomatoes

by Scott G. on September 27, 2013

This fast and easy side dish only has a few ingredients and you can use any fresh herbs that you want. If you don't have fresh herbs, throw in some dried herbs, just cut the volume in half. Drying herbs concentrates and intensifies the flavor so you won't need as much.


Aging Gracefully

by Scott G. on September 23, 2013

While aging is inevitable, aging gracefully is an art. Regular exercise and a healthy diet NOW will help you look better, feel better and avoid or delay common ailments as you age. Here are five great tips to help you age more gracefully!


Foodie Friday - Stuffed Bell Peppers

by Scott G. on September 20, 2013

This stuffed pepper recipe was one of mom’s staples when I was growing up. It was inexpensive, easy to make and a sneaky way to get us to eat veggies. Some minor changes such as leaner meat, lower sodium and less cheese turns mom’s classic into a healthy classic!