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"Berry” Easy Chocolate Cake

by Admin on June 6, 2014

Whether you love chocolate or just need a berry “delivery system,” this #healthyrecipe for chocolate cake comes together in just a few minutes, and it tastes great piled high with summer’s juicy raspberries. Raspberries are rich in fiber, vitamin C and flavonoids, which are known to benefit heart health. #foodiefriday


Beat the Heat with a Blended Iced Mocha!

by Admin on May 23, 2014

Here’s a quick smoothie recipe that won’t load you up with sugar – and then let you down, like store-bought blended coffee drinks do.


Skip the ‘Slaw, Pass the White Bean Salad!

by Admin on May 16, 2014

Skip the ‘Slaw, Pass the White Bean Salad!

Bean salads are a great choice for a quick, satisfying weeknight meal. Packed with flavor and texture, they're also an easy and healthful option for your next weekend get-together. Here's a favorite #healthyrecipe that's simple to prep ahead of time. #foodiefriday


Spoil Mom with a Healthy Breakfast

by Admin on May 9, 2014

Sunday is Mother's Day! Show mom you care with our #healthyrecipe for Whole-wheat Blueberry Pancakes, served in bed of course. #foodiefriday


Three Ab Routines to Build a Strong, Lean Core

by ScottG. on May 1, 2014

How strong is your core? Use the FIT TEST to see how you stack up, then see the corresponding workout for moves to strengthen your upper and lower abs, obliques and lower back!