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Community in Your Workout

August 25, 2015

Gabrielle “Gabby” Reece – mom, world-class athlete, fitness icon and author – continues to bring HIGHX excitement to 24 Hour Fitness locations across the country, and just led master classes in two of our New York City locations. She took the time to tell us how the


Fascia and the Shape of Things to Come

August 20, 2015

Biotensegrity is the balance of compression forces (from bones) and tension forces (from fascia) within our bodies that make us greater than the sum of our parts. Fascia is the collagen- and water-packed connective tissue that surrounds every part of us, and plays a role in everything from smiling to sprinting.


Fascination with Fascia: Not Just a Fad

August 13, 2015

There’s a lot of buzz about fascia, but more than a few readers are probably feeling a little fuzzy about why fascia is such a hot topic. So last time, we talked about the role fascia – the web-like connective tissue that surrounds every cell in our bodies – plays in tensegrity. Our muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood, skin, and fascia make up the myofascial network, which basically holds our bodies in shape.


When it’s Okay to Eat after 7 p.m.

August 6, 2015

Eat – or don’t eat – before your morning workout. Stop eating by 7 p.m. Eat three meals a day. Eat six meals a day….


Three Summertime Meditations – Pick Yours

August 5, 2015

Long days and balmy nights invite us to slow down and savor the sensations of summer – a perfect starting point for a meditation without hard or fast rules about how, where, when or how long you practice.