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Three Ways Group Training Makes You Healthier

March 24, 2015
The miles and time seem to pass more quickly, you push yourself a little harder just to see if you can do it—something just feels different when you exercise with a group. It turns out that getting your sweat on as a team really does give you a boost, and there’s some serious science behind it. Read more...

Choosing Change, Every Day

by Jason Stella Vice President, Fitness on March 23, 2015

“Change” is a word we often connect with fear.

After all, if we don’t choose to change, we don’t have to try something we’ve never done before—and risk failing at it.

If we accept our life choices as the only possible choices, we don’t have to take the time to think about them, get uncomfortable, work at mastering a different way.


Green Juice vs. Green Smoothie—Which One Wins?

March 18, 2015

Proponents can get pretty heated about the merits of a cold-pressed green juice—and smoothie fans also can get ruffled about the benefits of their beverage of choice. Who’s right?


Instant Results!

March 17, 2015

Instant. The fitness holy grail. We hear miracle diet, insta-slim pills and six-pack abs in six weeks—and the clincher: scientifically proven.


#GameChangers Series: Change the Story, Change Your Mindset

by Jason Stella and Brian Grasso on March 16, 2015
A fitness enthusiast and mom of three rocked the Internet when she posted a photo of herself captioned, “No excuses.” The response ranged from praise for her accomplishments, to angry backlash proclaiming real moms have curves and make their kids their top priority. Read more...