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Take a Stand against Sitting’s Dangers—and Get Moving

May 13, 2015

If you haven’t heard, you may want to sit down for the bad news (but not for long): Sitting is harmful to your health. Being seated for long periods of time can increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, kidney problems and even premature death—and you’re still at risk if you exercise regularly, but spend most of your day in a chair.


Hot Reads that Help You Get Better at Life

May 6, 2015

Looking for inspiration to get started on your fitness journey? Ready to step off the stair climber and step into something new? Hungry for healthy eating ideas? Pick up a book!


Get More from Your 24

April 27, 2015

It’s your 24 hours in a day – and the new issue (May/June 2015) of 24Life brings you tips, insights and ideas to make health and fitness work for your life. And it’s free!


Best Foot Forward

April 21, 2015

They gave Marilyn Monroe her trademark wiggle. They made the opening scene in Saturday Night Fever. And they are essential to Kerry Washington’s bad-ass Olivia Pope strut. In this third part of our series on balance, we find out if our favorite shoes have us moving in the right direction.


What’s the Minimum RDA for Exercise?

April 17, 2015
Laughter may be the best medicine, and you can’t get too much of it. But we don’t always feel that way about exercise. On days when it’s an effort to get onto the trail or into the gym, it would be nice to know if doing the minimum still has some benefit.  But what is the minimum dose of exercise? Read more...