Train Like An Olympian

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

You may have more in common with U.S. Olympic athletes than you think! We worked closely with U.S. Olympic experts to bring you insights and workouts based on real Winter Games training. Even Olympic athletes wrestle with plateaus and motivation. Try these tips to get over the next hurdle.


Figure Skating Workout

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It may look effortless, but figure skaters need exceptional strength and stability to spin, jump and stick those landings. Try these moves to earn your stars and stripes.

Ice Hockey Workout

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From sprinting on the ice to fending off the opposition, hockey players need exceptional driving strength to execute key maneuvers quickly, again and again. Hone your drive with this tough-as-steel workout.

Bobsledding Workout

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It takes explosive strength in the sprint to push a bobsled with maximum force for maximum speed. Power your way to the podium with this full-body, strength-building workout.

Snowboarding Workout

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Snowboarders require full-body strength from the knees up to flip, ride, edge and rotate in virtually every direction. Take your bilateral strength to new heights with this pro workout.

Alpine Skiing Workout

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Holding a tuck and navigating moguls requires bilateral strength and endurance. Push through the burn with moves that target your core and quads.

Speed Skating Workout

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In speed skating, medals are earned or lost by just fractions of a second. Carve your way to elite status with single leg box squats inspired by the fastest humans on ice.

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