Fitness Done Right

We Believe in Changing Lives Through Fitness, Including Yours

Whatever your fitness goals are, we provide the tools, inspiration, and professional expertise to help you achieve them. How do we know? Because we’ve been changing the lives of people for 25 years—12 million people, in fact.
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We Believe Workouts Should Work Into Your Lifestyle

With over 400 clubs nationwide, a Kids’ Club™ for parents, and a variety of amenities, classes, and membership options—we make it easy to fit fitness into your life. We also have a welcome kit for new members, a range of FREE online tools, and of course our famous 24 hour access*.
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We Believe Paying For Fitness Should Be Flexible, Fair and Easy

Like providing options for prepay, monthly pay, discounts for couples and families—and Easypay that allows you to make in-club purchases with your check-in code.
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We Believe in the Power of Group Exercise

Because we’ve seen how our Group Exercise classes bring people together for a fun and dynamic workout that motivates, invigorates, and delivers results.
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We Believe in Personal Training

Which is why we have over 3000 certified personal trainers dedicated to providing their clients—at all fitness levels—the kind of one-on-one professional mentorship that leads to success.
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We Believe in Creating a Clean & Friendly, Safe & Well-Equipped Workout Environment

Which is why we hire fabulous people, keep our clubs in great shape, and have just about every fitness amenity you could hope for. From free weights and state-of-the-art machines, to basketball courts, swimming pools, and steam rooms—the list goes on.
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We Believe in Value

We’re always striving to improve the quality and value of being a 24 Hour Fitness member. You’ll enjoy a continual range of great offers and valuable discounts, including 10% of all mystore purchases and eligibility to enroll in FitPerks™—our partner program that offers many valuable member benefits.
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Above All, We Believe in You

We exist to serve you. To change your life, and to make you healthy, fitter and happier. It is through you that our story is told. So if you share our beliefs, join us today.

*Not all clubs open 24 hours.