Add Family: Member

Enjoy quality family time: work out together!

It’s so much easier – and more fun – to stick to a workout program when you’re doing it as a family. Everyone in your family can benefit from a shared focus on family fitness. You'll spend more time being active together and you'll have support from those closest to you.

Make 24 Hour Fitness a part of your family fitness routine. You can choose from three simple ways to check family membership pricing and add family members to your membership:

1.  Check Pricing and Add Family Members Online

It's safe, secure and easy to add family members online.  Using our website, you can take your time exploring the different family membership options available at 24 Hour Fitness.

Then, when you’re ready to add family members, you can complete the process online in minutes.  When you're finished, you can print out membership agreements and start working out together right away!

To get started, enter the information below:


2. Check Pricing and Add Family Members by Phone

Prefer to have someone talk you through the process of adding a family member? Just pick up a phone!  To check pricing and add family members over the phone, please call us toll-free at 1-888-243-5002.

Note:  for member service related calls, please contact us using our Contact Us page.

3.  Check Pricing and Add Family Members at Your Nearest Club

Sometimes there’s no substitute for doing business face-to-face. 24 Hour Fitness members are always welcome to check pricing and add family members in person at any of our clubs. You can even arrange for your family members to get a free tour of the facility before they join.

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Once your family members join 24 Hour Fitness, you’ll all be able to motivate and challenge each other to reach new levels of fitness. Share rides to the gym. Work out together in our high-energy group exercise classes. And keep your household healthier.