Kids' Club

Work Out While Your Kids' Have Fun

Just because your kids come first doesn't mean your fitness has to come last. That's why 24 Hour Fitness offers Kids' Club—a place where your kids can hang out while you achieve your fitness goals - up to 2 hours of supervision per day. Kids' Club is a fun place for children ages 6 months to 12 years. It's a safe and supervised environment where your young ones can play while you exercise.

More Than Just a Room

Once inside the Kids' Club, your children will enjoy our exciting, fun-filled play area. Highlights include games, toys, movies, seasonal activities, coloring and the chance to play with new friends.

Our Kids' Club attendants will closely supervise your children at all times. All of our specially trained attendants are certified in CPR and First Aid and must pass a background check before they're hired. Our staff can easily page you in the club if needed.

Meanwhile, you'll get the exercise you need—and some well-deserved "me" time. We'll focus on the kids while you focus on working out.

Purchase Kids' Club at Your Club

You can purchase Kids' Club one session at a time or in packages of 10 or 20.* Kids' Club typically costs $2 to $4 per child, per day for up to two hours of supervision.* Ask an associate at your local club(s).

Finding Kids' Club

Our club pages will display the hours or operation and many pages even have photos.

To get started: Click the "FIND A CLUB" button below, then select See Club Info to view the Kids' Club hours.

Find a Club

Sample of some of our Kids' Clubs:

*Kids' Club availability, rates and hours vary by location. Not all clubs offer Kids' Club packages.