Four 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers Share Holiday

Four 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers Share Holiday Survival Tips

You know the statistics about how people pack on pounds over the holidays. And so you wonder: can anyone really make it through without getting off track? The answer is yes. Four trainers from 24 Hour Fitness' new club in Southlake, Texas are experts at managing nutrition and exercise habits. Here are some of their secrets:

Rodney Miner:

I consider Thanksgiving a "cheat day," I relax and watch football and eat the foods that I really like. I allow one cheat day per week. In other words, indulge in foods that I don't eat during the rest of the week, but watch my portions. The other days I'm strict, so I can afford to take a day off. Enjoying my cheat days over the holidays keeps me sane!

If I'm at home with the relatives we might throw around a football or play outside with the kids. At one point during the holidays this year I'm going to Vegas. I'll work out at the hotel and walk around, make sure that I'm active. And I'll probably do some exercises that use my own body weight. For example squats and lunges.

Kelli Huston

The hardest part is getting started. When I'm busy this time of year I set a small goal of doing cardio for just ten minutes. By the time ten minutes is over, I usually end up doing more. Even if I don't, it's better than nothing!

I always write down what I eat on a calendar. Also when I'm really busy, I have to remind myself to eat every three hours, otherwise I get so hungry that I might make bad food choices. At big holiday get-togethers, I drink water beforehand. Then I try to fill up on salad and vegetables first so that I feel full. Sweets are my weakness – I'd go crazy if I couldn't have any. So I eat dessert, but watch portion sizes.

When it comes to holiday shopping, I park my car farther away so I have to walk more – and use the stairs instead of the escalator. I never go shopping on an empty stomach.

Michael Prezioso

I won't be unrealistic. Just like I tell my clients, there will be lots more food and maybe wine involved. It's not a negative experience.

At a big dinner, I'll use a small plate. I try to stay close to my calorie goals. If I do go over, then I take off calories the next day to compensate and get right back on track. I try to avoid things like candy at work. If you indulge in those, you've blown calories for a whole meal.

I'll work out a little extra over the holidays. Since I'm so busy, I maximize whatever time I get to work out to burn as many calories as possible. If I go out of town, I'll go outside and walk, or I'll use stability balls and bands. I also teach my clients how to do that because they're easy to pack. You can deflate the stability balls (found in most 24 Hour Fitness stores) and blow them back up with a bicycle pump.

Joseph Williamson

I won't change anything. I'll stay with my regimen. Over the holidays you still have to watch portion control. I'll eat a normal amount and then make a plate of leftovers to eat later, so I don't stuff myself. There will be no binge eating on Thanksgiving.

My goals may be different from most people, since I try to gain, not lose weight. But I do want to maintain calories over the holidays and still exercise. I'll walk in the morning and find a gym and work out. Where I'm from, where I go home for the holidays there's a lot of land and so I'm active. It's out in the country. But I have to say that diet is even more important than exercise over the holidays.

Rodney Miner, Certified Personal Trainer Elite, Southlake, Texas

Kelli Huston, Certified Personal Trainer, Southlake, Texas

Michael Prezioso, Fitness Manager, Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. Exercise and Sport Science, Southlake, Texas

Joseph Williamson, Certified Personal Trainer, Southlake, Texas

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