Match Group Exercise Classes With Your Fitness Goals

To help make fitness fun and easy for everyone, we've created group exercise classes that are fun and address most fitness goals. From resistance training in our 24LIFT class, flexibility from yoga to our exciting dance classes... we have a class that's just right for you. We put Donna Meyer, 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Director of Group Exercise to the test. We asked several people what their fitness goals are and Donna had the answers!

1) I had knee surgery last year. I want to tone up and lose a few pounds, but I can't jump around and have to be careful when working out. Is there a class for me?

Since exercising in water does not stress joints, any water class would be good for you. 24 Hour Fitness offers an excellent water class known as 24Aqua.

Pilates classes also provide good non weight-bearing exercise – as the movements are performed mostly in a prone (lying on your stomach) or supine position (lying on your back). Depending on your stage of recovery, an indoor cycling (known at 24 Hour Fitness as 24Cycle) class may also be a good workout. Instructors can provide modifications for class exercises, but always check with your doctor about exercising after an injury.

2) I'm in good shape from running regularly, but I just can't seem to develop any definition in my arms. How can I lose the jiggles?

Cardio exercises won't necessarily build muscle in your arms; you need resistance training to do that. 24S.E.T.™ (strength endurance training) classes tone and firm the arms and other parts of your body by using barbells and light hand-held weights at three-minute intervals. Core Central (starting 11.01.06) classes also give you a total body workout, including those jiggly arms. Many other classes like Dancer's Workout will also help tone muscles and help you lose the jiggles.

3) It's time to work on my "beer belly." I need to shape up before it gets any worse. Any suggestions?

Cardio, cardio, cardio! Losing your beer belly means losing fat and do that you need to create a calorie deficit. You can do this by moving more, eating less or preferably both. If you haven't been working out much, start with any of the 30-minute workouts where you exercise in short bursts. Regular participation in classes like 24Tease, Salsa Moves, Step Jam24, 24Cycle (indoor cycling) and Cowboy Boogie (starting 11.01.06) will yield great results with not much time invested. As you increase your fitness level, Athletic Training/Boot Camp or Camp 24 will keep you fit and lean.

As a side note, it's not really possible to "spot reduce" your beer belly, but as you continue cardio exercise, try an Amp'd Abs class (starting 11.01.06) to develop those muscles.

4) I want a class that will help me de-stress and also lose a few pounds. Yoga sounds good, but it doesn't seem very aerobic. Help!

You would be surprised at how a Yoga class can help you shape up. There is a low-level cardio benefit if you do the poses at a fairly quick pace. Pilates classes are also a great workout and can help with relaxation. If you really want to get aerobic, try any of the cardio classes. A hard workout will increase your endorphins and leave you feeling less stressed.

5) As a working single mom, the only time I can squeeze in a work out is during my lunch break. How can I get the most fat-burning bang for my buck?

There are many 30-minute classes offered at 24 Hour Fitness that would fit perfectly into your lunchtime schedule. Check the Group X Class Schedule for your favorite location for 30 minute format classes!

6) Exercise is so boring! One thing that I love to do, though, is dance. Which classes might appeal to me?

Well, lucky for you, dancing is great exercise! Depending on your taste in music, you can try an array of aerobic dance classes offered at 24 Hour Fitness. These include 24Tease, Just Grooves (hip hop/funk style classes) and Salsa Moves classes. All the dance classes have challenging – but not too complicated – steps that are aerobic and fun.

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Donna Meyer, 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Director of Group Exercise.

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