The 5 Components Of Fitness

The Building Blocks Of Total Fitness.

There's no magic pill or silver bullet when it comes to getting fit and staying that way. The simple truth is this: To be effective, a weight loss plan should combine fitness tips and health tips that include a controlled diet, regular exercise and a firm commitment. We've distilled these steps into five simple components that are critical to both short-term results and long-term success.

Fitness & Health Tips

#1: Food Intake

A healthy diet isn't about eating less, it's about eating smart. Learn how to eat better with simple meal plans that are easy to follow and develop a better understanding of what your body really needs. A combination of education, moderation and the proper exercise regimen equals results.

#2: Cardio

Aerobic training and other cardio exercises help you maximize your results while boosting your calorie burn, heart function and immune system. By managing your workout frequency, intensity, time spent and type of exercise, you can hit your target heart rate and devise the perfect cardio plan.

#3: Vitamins and Supplements

Diet and exercise can get you only so far. Learn how to boost your fitness program and overall health with the right vitamins and supplements. When used properly, they can play a major role in reaching your fitness goals.

#4: Resistance

Building strong muscles through strength training will help you burn fat, increase your metabolism and maintain healthy bones. All parts of resistance training (free weights, machines, cables, tubing and exercise balls) are part of a complete program.

#5: Professional Assistance

Your personal trainer will be with you every step of the way, eliminating guesswork and clearing a path toward your goal in a safe and effective way. This fitness professional will help determine the perfect mix of the five components and develop a customized fitness plan according to your own unique goals and current fitness status. 

By pursuing the five components of fitness with the help of a qualified trainer, you can avoid searching for answers and follow a direct path to your fitness goals.