Personal Trainer Harrison S. Quickly Identified Why Simone D. was Experiencing Pain

Eleven months ago, I weighed 274 pounds.  I was winded going up stairs, I had trouble finding clothes that fit, and I was tired most of the time  After taking a vacation to Panama, I realized how much I was missing out on because of my weight.

My doctor recommended that I start tracking my calories on an online website.  I also joined 24 Hour Fitness at that time.  In the beginning, exercise was not part of my routine and I was self conscious about exercising in public.  I found ways to reward myself for creating new habits rather than rewarding myself for changes on the scale.  Sure enough, the weight started coming off.  I was working out 5-6 days a week and feeling in control of my health.

After dropping close to 40 pounds, I started noticing that aches and pains were holding me back from some of the activities I wanted to do. Walking for more than 3 miles made my knee and hip hurt.  I wanted to start running, but experienced shin pain each time I tried.  I wanted to increase my fitness, but I realized I was going to need help in order to avoid injuries.

I started personal training with Harrison S. several months ago.  He quickly identified why I was experiencing pain.  My core was not strong.  My toes pointed outwards while I walked and my gait was lop-sided.  I have always been clumsy.  He identified the cause of a knee pain I had lived with for years.

In the duration of my sessions, I learned how to walk with good form, I developed core strength and now have balance and coordination that I'd never experienced in my life.  I’ve learned body awareness so that if I experience pain now, I can adjust my posture and form and the pain goes away.

Harrison also helped me fine-tune my nutrition.  I had been tracking my calories, through the online website but had hit a weight-loss plateau.
Harrison helped me redesign my meal schedule and fine tuned my calorie intake so that I broke my plateau and began losing weight again.
Harrison also helped me get set up with a Bodybugg so that I could have a better idea of how many calories I was actually burning.

In about 10 weeks of personal training, I lost 17 pounds and went from 39% body fat to 32.5% body fat!  Even though I had been losing weight before I started personal training sessions, I started getting more comments on my weight loss from people around me because my body composition was changing, I had better posture and carried myself with more confidence.

To date, I have lost over 70 pounds and 4-5 clothing sizes.  I am smaller and more fit than I was when I was previously at this weight.  Recently, I won a weight loss challenge at work.  I still exercise 4-5 days a week and now include strength training in my workouts.  I started participating in some of the group fitness classes that 24 Hour Fitness offers.  I am gradually beginning to run again, and am not experiencing shin pain.  I am continuing to work towards my weight loss and fitness goals, but I now have strength and knowledge to continue while avoiding injuries.  I feel great!

24 Hour Fitness member:  Simone D.
Santa Barbara, CA