Double the Fun Partner Workout

Level up your motivation and your intensity with a partner workout.

This total-body conditioning workout is serious business for your body. Add a buddy and double up your fun and your results.

Alternate with your partner to perform each move for 60 seconds and achieve as many full-range repetitions with as much technique and fun you can possibly muster. Build up to three sets.

Warm Up:

1. Total body circles

2. Hip stretch with twist

3. Vinyasa: Plank to chaturanga to upward dog to downward dog


4. Over/under downward dog to child’s pose

5. Partner pistol squat

6. Wheelbarrow push-ups

7. Side plank roll

8. Squat pull


9. Seesaw backbend

10. Assisted straddle fold

Photo credit: Mark Kuroda,

This workout is modeled by 24 Hour Fitness personal trainers and group fitness instructors, Will Lee and Jennifer Nasab.

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