Project Summer: Meet Tracey Mallett of Bootybarre

We asked the Master Pilates Instructor and mom of two to share her go-to summer workout.

This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of the top celebrity fitness teachers and athletes and sharing their summer workouts, power songs and more. Your dream summer starts here.

You may recognize her as the best-selling author of “Sexy in 6” and “Super-Fit Mama.” You may have attended one of her workshops during a fitness conference, or worked out to one of her dance and fitness DVDs. Or, perhaps you’re a huge bootybarre fan. Creator Tracey Mallett is a dancer, choreographer, Master Pilates Instructor and mom of two, and is on a mission to motivate people—including other busy moms—to get fit and healthy.

We asked the wellness expert, who was born in the United Kingdom and currently owns a Pilates studio in Los Angeles where she lives, to share her ideal summer day, power food and go-to workout below.

24Life: What’s your go-to source for inspiration?

Tracey Mallett (TM): My mother inspires me; she always finds a solution for everything and is such a strong woman. Her constant encouragement when I was a child to live my dream was the inspiration to go after what I really wanted to accomplish. She was, and still is, part of my foundation.

24Life: What do you teach and why?

TM: I teach Pilates, bootybarre and bbarreless on a daily basis. I love the precision of Pilates and educating people on how to move safely and effectively in ways that translate into functional activities. I love active flexibility and the core strength stability that Pilates gives you.

Fusion fitness has always been a passion of mine. Having danced from a young age, and then introduced to Pilates and fitness, it became a natural fit to want to combine the movement of dance and the precision of Pilates. This journey inspired me to create bootybarre, which has been a dream come true for me. To see my passion spread across the globe and watch the joy it brings to so many people is truly a gift that I never imagined could happen.

Bbarreless is an evolution of starting a fitness barre trend, and then seeing the demand for instructors to teach a barre-inspired class without a barre. Bootybarre and bbarreless are my babies that I nurture every day.

24Life: Why is fitness so important to you?

TM: I move for my sanity. It relives stress and makes me feel good, but most of all I feel energized. Without moving, my body feels super sluggish. It’s hard for me to keep still for a long period of time. I was blessed with an enormous amount of energy that needs to be used.

Exercise is your insurance policy to help you fight disease and promote longevity. Plus, I’m the role model to my two children. How can I expect them to move if I don’t?

24Life: What is your ideal workout (that is 24 minutes or less)?

TM: Rock Your Abs. It’s standing work that really focuses on your core, so you can get that fabulous, sexy six-pack ready for the beach, and I made this video to show you how to do it.

24Life: What’s your greatest passion, outside of the work that you do?

TM: Spending time with my family and dogs. I LOVE animals. If I could, I would have a house full of dogs. They love you unconditionally and are always there for you, with wagging tails.

Watching my father, and now my son, play soccer from a young age is definitely one of favorite pastimes!

24Life: Describe your perfect summer day.

TM: Rise at 8:30 a.m. and have breakfast with my family. Walk the dogs. Go for a run. Take an outing to the beach and have lunch (sushi). Come home and either watch a good movie at home or go to the cinema. Go to bed around 11 p.m.

24Life: Do you have a power food?

TM: Snacking on almonds, and Sun Warrior protein smoothies.

24Life: What’s your surefire stress buster?

TM: Going for a long run with some good music.

24Life: What are some things people may not know about you?

TM: I’m scared of heights, obsessed with handbags, worked on a cruise ship and love disco dancing! I also have two children who tower above me, hence my nick name, “Shrimp.”

24Life: What’s your secret to getting stuff done?

TM: Setting deadlines and scheduling in advance, so I know I will work toward the deadline. I need goals with deadlines to propel me forwards, otherwise there is always something more important.

24Life: What is your power song for summer?

TM: Very cheesy but “Holiday” by Madonna gets me in the summer mood. But this year’s song would have to be “Despacito”—it makes me want to dance!

24Life: What’s your secret for a great night’s sleep?

TM: A magnesium supplement helps me sleep, and lots of exercise!

24Life: Best advice you’ve given or gotten?

TM: Always be true to who you are, and never try to be something that goes against everything you’ve worked hard not be for the sake of making more money or gaining more notoriety. Character is how you treat those who do nothing for you.

You can find Mallett on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Photo credit: David Heilser (2); Meg Sorel Photography