Set to Endure

Put your endurance to the test and build strength.

This superset strength routine is everything you need to get your body fit to handle anything that comes your way. Short, sweet and complete, it combines resistance training and bodyweight moves that challenge core endurance and total body strength. It’s the duration, not the moves alone that builds strength: You perform the first movement in each superset for one minute, and then perform the second movement for 30 seconds (unless otherwise indicated). Most likely, the 30 second move will feel easier, but make sure you keep up the pace.

Whether you are gearing up for the energy to dance all night or you’re training for your next race, this routine delivers.


Bear – 1 minute

Monkey – 1 minute

Frogger – 1 minute


Chest Press – 1 minute

Dumbbell Row to Fly – 30 seconds


Star Jumps – 1 minute

Half Squat Hold – 30 seconds


Push-Ups – 1 minute

Side Plank Hold with Leg Lift – 30 seconds in plank and then on both sides.


V-Ups (Tuck-Ups) – 1 minute

Hollow Body Hold – 30 seconds


Kneeling Lunge/Lizard Stretch

Hip Bridge

Photo credit (hero): Astarot, Thinkstock

Videography: Mark Kuroda,
Hair and Make-up: Mia Delina Escobar

Models: Jessica Hermanowski, Peter Motichka, 24 Hour Fitness