Dr. Josh Axe Shares His Summer Essentials

If you read our July cover story with Dr. Josh Axe, then you know he’s a certified doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist who started a functional medicine center in Nashville, Tennessee, because he believes that food is medicine. His website is home to healthy recipes, fitness tips and more, and he is the best-selling author of “Eat Dirt” (Harper Wave, March 2016).

24Life sat down with Axe at his home in Nashville to talk all things food, fitness and summer, and he shared with us his go-to summer beverage and healthy travel essentials.

24Life: What’s your go-to summer food or beverage?

Josh Axe: Coconut water. I love it; it’s so hydrating. In the summer, I tend to do more cardio, stuff outdoors and swim, so coconut water is my absolute go-to.

24Life: You have 24 minutes to work out; what’s your go-to?

JA: I love doing burst training—high-intensity interval training. So I’ll do some mountain climbers, some V-ups, some push-ups, some burpees.

24Life: What are your summer vacation travel essentials?

JA: The No. 1 thing my wife and I pack is packets of bone broth protein powder. We use it every morning for breakfast. No. 2, we bring essential oils with us. I always bring frankincense. My wife always brings lavender. If we stop at public restrooms, we use essential oils to naturally cleanse our hands instead of the anti-bacterial hand-soap, so we always, always have essential oils with us when we’re on the go. We bring workout gear—we always work out, whether it’s doing interval training in the hotel room or out running on the beach. And we bring some healthy snacks—grass-fed jerky bars, kale chips, bone broth protein bars or collagen food bars—we always, always bring healthy snacks with us on the go.

Once we get to the airport, we always get water. My wife and I drink loads and loads of water on the plane. A lot of people don’t realize that traveling can dehydrate you. So we’re always picking up some really good, clean spring water and drinking loads of it while we’re flying. That’s how we stay healthy when we travel.

Photo credit: Mark Kuroda, kurodastudios.com