Wellness for All


If ever there was a need for dedicated self-care and expanded wellness, it is now. The pervasiveness of never-ending change, ongoing tragedy, devastation, and political turmoil can leave even the least -sensitive of us spinning and trying to catch our breath. As we witness the world and do our best to support our communities, friends and families through tough times, we are reminded how important it is to be as strong and as well as we can be so that we can be of service to others.

For those who have suffered great loss, setbacks and atrocities, it is hard to believe that spaces for healing and healing paths abound. Nothing can change what has been irreparably altered in the universe. Wisdom teaches that the body, the breath, the loving space of community and the grace of time are healing balms for the deepest of wounds. All that we experience, we experience as sensory beings—in our bodies. All emotions, all thoughts, all hopes, all dreams and even all nightmares are experienced through our human anatomy.


We heal when we allow ourselves to feel and then to begin to nourish and regenerate. May we all find time for ourselves for deep wellness and may we all come together to lift others in need and hold them in times of challenge, when they no longer have the energy or perspective to participate in their own self-care. As esteemed author and Holocaust survivor Dr. Victor Frankl said, “Suffering completely fills the human soul and conscious mind, no matter whether the suffering is great or little. Therefore the ‘size’ of human suffering is absolutely relative.”

I am obsessed with the November issue of 24Life. It was designed as a celebration of food and a deep respect for wellness—but a more robust and hearty understanding of wellness, as described by our cover celebrity, chef and photographer Candice Kumai. She is not interested in wellness as luxury or in the pampering form of self-care; instead, she views wellness from the lens of resilience, the building of our golden warrior nature so that we may show up authentically and vibrantly in the world and share ourselves and our gifts without growing weary or weak. Kumai shares that we can achieve this through the food we eat, through the beauty and the ritual of space and mindful practices, through conscious movement like yoga or meditation and through living our lives as we desire.

We need this, and the world needs our golden light WELL lit and ready to serve. So dig into these stories—try the recipes, do the workouts! Read with the mindset that you are digging your own well to drink from today and forever. Then put the issue away and look around you and see who needs your support today.

P.S.—If reading the November issue makes you want even more workouts and the extra personalized practices to build your strength and endurance, don’t forget that you can enjoy the magazine and 24Life content (and more on-the-go workouts) through the 24GO app.

Editor’s November Challenge: Give the gift of a meal


At the time of this writing, another mass shooting has occurred, the beautiful state of California is on fire, and our country remains divided about how to move forward. And yet at the same time, firefighters and first responders still run into danger, and millions of Americans (and non-Americans) are turning to their neighbors and strangers and offering a helping hand, or a meal or a place to sleep and some clothes to wear. More voters turned out to engage in their nation’s future than ever before. Despite the direness of the daily news and the very real tragedies of the day, I believe in the goodness and the resilience of humanity.

The 24Life Editor’s Challenge this month is simple and yet it could be the most important ever. It doesn’t involve any new fitness moves or dietary restrictions (although we do think you should definitely add matcha and fermented food to your daily regimen). Instead, the challenge is to show up as you are and do good in the world—your way.

As you move through life and find your way to wellness, take time to share with others by doing one or all of the following.

Clean out your pantry and take a box of goods to your local food bank

In times of tragedy, food banks are depleted and resources grow scarce, as giving is directed to other needs (deservedly so).

Volunteer in a food kitchen

To serve those in need is the most dignified service we can offer. There is so much misplaced shame in our culture put upon those who cannot yet provide for themselves. Serving a meal to the hungry is a humbling experience that we all should intimately know and understand.

Cook or host a potluck meal for your neighbors

Community saves us. Get to know your neighbors now and come up with a plan to support each other in times of need—as well as to cherish the good times.

Get to know and your local first responders and firefighters

These men and women are angels on earth. Thank them now for their brave existence and honorable service to us all. Stop by the station with food, gifts or ask what you can do for them and their families.

Share pictures of your experience below or on social media. May you stay safe and well.

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