Get to Know Financial Adviser Danetha Doe

In our April magazine, San Francisco-based financial coach Danetha Doe shared her story—how she went from NFL cheerleader with zero dance experience, to financial planner and entrepreneur. To Doe, financial planning is as important as taking care of your body and health.

We asked the creator of Money & Mimosas to share her go-to workout, her tips for a good night’s sleep and what she does every morning to set her day up for success.

24Life: What’s your go-to workout?

Danetha Doe: I love HIIT workouts.

24Life: What is your favorite healthy food?

DD: I’m really digging chocolate chia seed pudding. I make it at home.

24Life: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

DD: I drink 24 ounces of water with a half-squeezed lemon.

24Life: What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

DD: I meditate.

24Life: What is your go-to breakfast?

DD: I love making pancakes. I have a mix from Berkeley Bowl; they have their own homemade mix. And then I add cinnamon or turmeric to it, and almond milk.

24Life: What’s your pre-workout food?

DD: I could get better at this; today it was pancakes!

24Life: What’s your favorite thing to listen to while working out?

DD: I used to listen to music, but I found that I wasn’t getting a really good workout because I was too focused on the lyrics. Now, I listen to what’s going on around me.

24Life: Who inspires you?

DD: Oprah for sure. I love everything about her. Aaliyah, a singer who passed away in 2001. She inspired me to continue to stay true to myself.

24Life: What is your number-one stressor and your top stress buster?

DD: My number one stressor (because I’m slightly Type A) is not knowing exactly when things are going to happen, and then things not happening fast enough. If I have an idea in my head I’m just like, “go.” But there are all these other pieces that have to fall in place first. That really stresses me out. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes it does. And then my number one stress buster is definitely working out. I do a HIIT class or yoga, jog, whatever I need to do to move my body.

24Life: Of course we have to ask, do you have a favorite mimosa flavor or are you strictly true to the original orange juice and champagne?

DD: I love mixing it up. There used to be a restaurant in Oakland that had 40 different mimosa flavors. They really got me into mixing it up. So now I do anything, like mango, pomegranate, blueberry. You name it. It’s mostly champagne though, with a little drop of juice.

24Life: Any tips for a good night sleep?

DD: Turn off electronics a half-hour or hour before you go to bed. And for me, I light candles around our condo to just get in that mood.

24Life: Is there anything you’re currently listening to or reading?

DD: At the risk of sounding nerdy, I’m currently reading this book called “Misbehaving,” which is a behavioral economist’s book about why we act the way we do around money. I love podcasts. I really love “Boss Files” with Poppy Harlow from CNN. And mindbodygreen’s podcast is really good. I’ve learned so much about my body from it.

24Life: What would you go back and tell your younger self, if you could?

DD: I would tell her to relax and enjoy herself.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Danetha Doe