This Summer SandBell Scorcher Workout Burns Fat and Builds Core Strength

The hot summer months can leave us feeling sweaty, lethargic and lazy if we don’t continue the effort we put in during the winter months to keep our bodies energized, fit and strong. An effective summer workout has to be simple, challenging, efficient and easy to do anywhere.

Start by choosing a training tool that is highly functional, versatile, easily transportable and challenging, like the SandBell. Then get started with some truly compound full-body movements that will get you sweating and burning calories while also building strength to increase your metabolism.

Try this high-intensity, full-body SandBell scorcher circuit workout to burn fat, build core strength and sweat it out this summer.


Perform 10 reps of each move, with 30 seconds of rest between exercises, to complete one circuit. Repeat for four total circuits with one minute of rest between each circuit.

Choose a SandBell weight that is challenging but still enables you to perform all 10 repetitions.

Squat and Chest Press

Burpee Slam

SandBell Jack

Slam Push-Up

SandBell High Knees

SandBell V-Up

Photo credit*: jacoblund, iStock*