All the Feels, Along the Way

Get honest with yourself. Be the person that you are clearest with. Be the person you are most fearless with. These are the seeds that turn your life into a garden of authenticity. –Cleo Wade

Now that January is over, can we offer you permission to breathe again? We are the first to admit that the road to a healthy, fit body and self-acceptance isn’t always fun and it hasn’t been necessarily easy. When the 24Life team gathered to discuss this issue, a sensation and idea emerged around our desire to enjoy the journey and process along the way. Thus, this issue is all about the feels—feels for your heart, feels for your body and feels for your careers and even for your wallet.

It is painfully apparent that we have a long-standing cultural love affair with happy endings, snapshots in time and results we can measure, see and talk about. Thankfully (for all of us) we are falling into a new crush on the softer, more qualitative side of success—our experience in the process and whether we feel good along the way and also in the end. We now understand that while being fit impacts our wellness, being well is integral to true and sustainable health and fitness.

The good news: Wellness has experienced its own version of a transformational makeover in our culture. It is no longer the boring, muted and sterilized conversation that you might read about in pamphlets while waiting for your annual check-up. Instead, wellness enlightens and empowers while educating and entertaining.


Some, like Hannah Bronfman, wellness entrepreneur and our featured February celebrity profile, are embracing an approach to wellness that is holistic, hedonistic and real. Because self-love and self-care do not need to be self-punishing. We agree that everybody deserves to feel good. We sat down for a spell with Bronfman to discuss her new book “Do What Feels Good” and talk honestly about what it means to get in touch with her body’s needs, bare her soul and share her story (and her family’s story) along the way. Check out Hannah’s insight on everything from gut health to nutrition to fitness to skincare.

Also in this issue, don’t miss a session with America’s relationship coach Terri Cole, as she dishes on what it takes to find Real Love (hint, it starts inside each of us). Try out our feel-good, move-better workouts and yes, you can treat yourself to dessert brought to you by the one and only Elle Penner. (We admit we may have indulged in January too.) Spend time with Ariel Kiley, a transformational coach who takes us deep into a conversation regarding our understanding of our worth and how we show up in the world—and how the world responds in kind.

All in, this issue was a labor of love and we are delighted to share it with you. May you make your relationship with yourself a precious, feel-good focus this month and all the months to come.

P.S.—Look out for the 3 Day Love Your Body Reboot on 24GO. Make a date with yourself over the long weekend and indulge in total body and mind self-care that leaves you glowing and feeling good on every level.

Much Love,

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