This Present Lightness

A woman with long brown hair walks down a beach boardwalk on a grey day

When you live through an era of rapid change, as we clearly are today, it is typical to do one of two things. First, there is an inevitable tendency to succumb and to throw our hands up in confusion or lash out in an tantrum-driven outrage. There is an equally strong impulse to retreat, to plan for a long winter and to get small in order to stay safe. And yet somehow in the middle of the heaviness of a moment or the weight of the work that is to be done, there also arises a patch of clarity, a still point, a present lightness. Luminaries step out, heroes rush in, big thinkers speak up and the best of humanity comes together to consider a real and lasting solution.

This is that moment. And while there is so much to take in right now and so many current events, looming disasters and pending suffering to process each day—especially if one were to rely solely on a digest of daily news (please don’t, please dig deeper)—there is always power in our hands. That power is threefold. We have the power of our focus, the power of our perspective and the power of our response.

This issue of 24Life magazine is dedicated to those people, the revolutionary thinkers who dare to hope, dream, think differently and stand up not only to share their light in the world but also to inspire others and empower them to do the same. Our feature story, Gabrielle Bernstein is back with a powerful call to action to activate our Super Attractor powers—which starts with doing what you need to do to feel good and find joy in your life and, in doing so, unlock your creative powers. Esteemed author and social scientist Arthur C. Brooks, Ph.D., gives us new insight on the value of shared knowledge and an imperative to pay forward our experiences, and renowned yogi Elena Brower inspires us to listen more deeply and teaches us about sound as well as introduces us to the life-giving energy of essential oils.

I repeat this quote so often, it has become a silent mantra running in my head. “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” It is by Dr. Viktor E. Frankl, an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor who went on to share his personal experience in a number of books, including “Man’s Search for Meaning.” He was able to discover beauty, awe and joy in the most dire of situations. This gives me courage to do the same, and if one can rise, so can all. Where we place our focus impacts what we see, the power of our perspective guides our interpretation of all that we experience, and the power of our personal response—when intentional and conscious—drives inspired action.

We’ve made a bold, brave magazine to kick off fall and lean you toward your power and give you energy for the transformation that you want in your life and in your world. In every interview that we have conducted for this issue, and for the many more published on 24Life.com, it has been a glaring call to action that in order to show up and do big things in the world, you must take care of yourself. Your health, your fitness, your energy and your vitality are critical to having the life force and the capacity to meet the challenges of your day—no matter the front you face. So take advantage of the quick (yet delicious) breakfast cookies, and take five minutes to make the nourishing meals in a mug. In other words, feed yourself well and move that body so you can liberate its energy. Take the time to sit and be still so you can energize once again. This is all within your power, these are things you can do in your own way. Start now. It is your responsibility to feel good.

So now it’s over to you. What do you think of this present moment? Do you see it as heavy or light? How will you put all your precious resources into play, meaning your attention, your time, your energy, your ideas, your love, your passion, your great work and especially your presence. All these things and more matter greatly to those in your life, and our collective contribution will attract what we will meet tomorrow and the day after.

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Lashaun Dale

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