More Than 10 Years Later, Vicki and Betty Are Groovin’ in GX24 Classes

After attending her first group fitness class when she was a teenager, Victoria Varney knew that movement and fitness were supposed to be a part of her life.

“I went to my first step class with my mom, and became hooked right away,” recalls the GX24 instructor from 24 Hour Fitness Taylorsville Sport, in Utah. Now approaching her 10th anniversary as an instructor at 24 Hour Fitness, Varney reflects on her passion for moving with others, stating: “I love the power of working out in a group, and I love to see people moving together, smiling together, and sweating together.”

Coincidentally, Varney joined 24 Hour Fitness as a member at the exact same time as another member, Betty Reed, and the two hit it off. Reed, like Varney, had learned the power of positive movement and hard work from an early age, having grown up on a farm.

“I was always physical,” she says of her childhood. “I always felt the need to walk, to go on a treadmill or elliptical.”

When Reed and Varney first joined 24 Hour Fitness, the two often ran into each other and pretty soon they were attending the same group fitness and Zumba classes together.

“Betty and I always liked to try new fitness classes, and Zumba has been crazy fun,” Varney says. The pair continued to see each other in class even after Varney became Reed’s instructor. Ten years later, the two women’s excitement to work out hasn’t faded as they continue to encourage each other to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

“Betty still attends my Zumba class regularly, as well as my POP Pilates, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT, and BODYPUMP classes,” Varney says. “She frequents other instructors’ classes as well, and is always energetic, friendly to other members and supportive of all instructors.”

Betty’s enthusiasm is palpable and Varney says, “On the rare occasion that she isn’t in one of my classes, people will ask where she is and that [class] isn’t the same without her.”

Luckily, the 24 Hour Fitness Taylorsville Sport will get to see a whole lot more of Reed as she settles into retirement. And though she may be taking a break after 42 years of work, Reed has no intention of slowing down.

“I just retired, so I’ll get to go [to the gym] more,” she says. “I love the classes and go to get good cardio … I’m always willing to try something at least once.”

One thing’s for sure though, Reed will keep on dancing, and Varney will be groovin’ right there with her.