Seven TRX Movement Elements to Master Any Exercise

Nothing ever changes by standing still. You won’t get stronger by sitting in a chair. You won’t run faster by lounging on your sofa. Movement, in its variety of forms, is the not-so-secret ingredient to fitness success.

There are seven movements that form the basis of every type of strength exercise: push, pull, plank, hinge, lunge, squat and rotate. Whether you increase the intensity of those movements with extra resistance (like weights or bands) or you keep them simple, every form of movement can be reduced to those functional elements. With the exception of the pull, those movements can be executed using just your bodyweight. But with your TRX Suspension Trainer, you can regress or progress those seven movements to work for novices and elite athletes alike.

Below, we’re outlining seven simple ways you can incorporate your TRX Suspension Trainer into the seven basic movements.








The TRX Suspension Trainer makes movement accessible for every fitness level. Now that you’ve seen how to incorporate the seven basic movements into your workouts, check out more movement options with your Suspension Trainer on the TRX app.

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Photo credit: Valeriy_G, Thinkstock; Courtesy of TRX