Tyson and Phoenix: Different Reasons, Same Results

Personal growth in any health and wellness journey can involve quite a bit of change. For GX24 instructor Tyson Peltz at 24 Hour Fitness Santa Teresa Sport in San Jose, growth came after struggling with a personal situation. For member Phoenix Nguyen, growth occurred after challenging her workout regimen. Regardless of their circumstances, both individuals chose to invest in their health while simultaneously inspiring others to do the same.

After experiencing what he describes as “tremendous struggle in my personal life,” Peltz first came to 24 Hour Fitness as a member. Overwhelmed by the amount of love and support he received, Peltz wanted to give back to the gym community that gave him so much. So he decided to become a certified GX24 instructor.

“I was inspired to become a certified instructor and join 24 Hour Fitness because I felt I had a lot to give and I wanted to be of service to others and my community,” he says. “I wanted to give back and invest in others as others had done for me.”

Diving head-first into his work, Peltz became a regular Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor, relishing the opportunity to provide a great workout and connect with his class participants. One day, Peltz noticed Nguyen “because she was always early to set up for BODYPUMP and ready to go,” also noting that her passion and drive for the class was obvious.

Peltz recalls Nguyen often lingered after class to ask him questions about improving her technique and form, but what really impressed the instructor was (and still is) Nguyen’s work ethic during some of the most challenging sets. “Even during some of the toughest tracks she can always be seen in the front pushing hard with a huge smile on her face,” he says.

Similar to Peltz’s fitness journey, Nguyen found BODYPUMP at 24 Hour Fitness during a rocky time for her.

“Taking BODYPUMP regularly not only gives me more confidence about life,” she says, “but also helped me overcome one of the toughest times of my life.” By taking the time to recognize what her mental and physical needs were, Nguyen was able to overcome her personal challenges and now can see a marked change in her physical strength and overall outlook.

“After taking BODYPUMP for nine months, I can see the change in my body: defined biceps and triceps; stronger, leaner legs; firm glutes and tight core. I love every track in BODYPUMP… [it] motivates my workout and helps release my stress,” she says.

By taking the time to invest in their physical and mental health, both Nguyen and Peltz discovered a passion and joy for fitness they never knew they had. Nguyen discovered her inner strength and is a BODYPUMP diehard. (She says, “I like to say I’m addicted to BODYPUMP, but I am so proud it’s a healthy addiction.”) Meanwhile, Peltz has found greater purpose and meaning through his work.

“Investing in others is one of the greatest rewards we are called to do,” he says. “Creating life-changing experiences starts one class at a time, and we make ripples in peoples’ lives more than we know or understand. It’s an honor and privilege to serve others and be a part of their journey.”

Photo credit: Tyson Peltz