Anything But Old-School: Dumbbell Strength-Training Workout

This isn’t just another upper-body routine. Compound movements make this a challenging, total-body sweat session. You’ll need dumbbells that are on the heavier side, and a medicine ball. Be sure to follow the instructions for longer rest times, so that you maintain good form and get the most out of this workout.


Jumping In and Out of a Box

Medicine Ball Twists

Dumbbell Side Plank Push


Dumbbell Skiier

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides.
  2. Bend your knees in a half-squat position. Lean your torso forward as you swing the dumbbells behind you.
  3. Swing the dumbbells forward to shoulder height, legs are straight (knees are soft).
  4. Return to swing the dumbbells behind you in a half-squat position. Lean your torso forward (in a skiing position).
  5. Continue swinging forward and backward like an Alpine skier. Work for 30 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds. Complete three rounds.

Dumbbell Alternating Cross-Body Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Half-Kneeling Shift

Dumbbell Dead Shift

Dumbbell Single-Arm Arnold Push Press


Alternating Forward Lunge Chop (Slow)

Child’s Pose

Photo credit: bulatovic, Getty Images
GIFs: Tom Casey,
Model: Vinh Duong, 24 Hour Fitness