Four Work-Ins for #WFH

Whether you’re in stay-at-home mode or your normal routine is otherwise disrupted, you may find you are moving even less than ever. The lunch spot (OK, the refrigerator), the printer and the water cooler (the fridge, again) are just steps away now. And new circumstances can lead to stiffness, aches and pains that you might not have experienced before.

Here are four work-ins that we love, because they target likely trouble spots.

When you’ve been hunched over screens all day

Your makeshift desk and squishy sofa probably aren’t doing much good for your neck, chest and shoulders—and neither is binge-watching TikTok. Just four moves can help unlock upper-body tension and benefit your stress level, too.

When you realize you’ve been sitting with your legs crossed for hours

Suddenly, you’ve got weird pains in your ankle, the back of your leg or just one side. Take a break for these moves—even if you just do one or two—throughout the day.

When things aren’t moving the way they should

Let’s face it, there’s plenty to worry about these days, and that’s enough to give you a stomach ache. Sitting for hours, snacking and stressing about what to make for dinner (and lunch and breakfast) can add to GI distress. These moves help get a troubled tummy on track.

When you’re worried sick that you might be getting sick

A hard workout can help burn nervous energy. But that strategy can backfire when you burden your stressed-out system with more physical work—or the mental load of worry about not working out. Try this movement sequence to support your immune system and take some of the load off.

Photo credit: vorDa, Getty Images