Not Sure What To Do Today? AMRAP It Up!

Got a resistance band? Got 10, 15 or 20 minutes? Need a workout to work on your cardio and strength? AMRAP it up with this workout requiring only your body weight and a resistance band. AMRAP stands for “as many reps/rounds as possible.” It’s a training protocol increasing your intensity and taking a breather as needed. Short rest periods increase your muscle overload, therefore stimulating many muscle fibers and elevating your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Perform the warm-up and set your timer for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Complete as many rounds as possible in the time you set. Remember to cool down.


Shift to Upward Press

Resisted Dead Bug


Overhead Squat

Resisted Push-Up

Wood Chop

Single-Arm Lateral Warding Shuffle


Sun Salutation: Surya Namaskara
Cycles: 1-2

Reps/Duration: 30 seconds of work, or 5 to 6 reps
Sets: 1

Photo credit: skynesher, Getty Images
GIFs: Tom Casey,
Model: Cassandra Nelson, 24 Hour Fitness