Exercise Your Style

A long with exercise and dieting, your fashion choices can help enhance the appearance of your body. Bright, juicy color is on-trend this summer, and if you’re looking to add some pop to your workout, this is a great way to do it. Just keep in mind that you have to be careful when shopping for colorful workout clothes.

Experimenting with bright and bold athleisure pieces could draw attention to the wrong areas of your body if you don’t wear them properly. The last thing you want is to distort an image of yourself that you have spent endless time sculpting in the gym.

Initially, it is necessary to assess your body type in the mirror and decipher your greatest assets. This is not the time to focus on what part of you you’re still working on. For women, the key is to mix colored separates with black pieces according to your figure and proportions. If your bustline is perky, but your rear falls flat, wear color on top and black on the bottom. If your shoulders are wide and your waistline is carved like an hourglass, then celebrate your lower half with a bold pop of color while downplaying your neckline with a black shirt. For men, you want to remember that your physique can speak for itself at the gym. Don’t feel the need to celebrate every color of the crayon box just to get all eyes on you. Like women, use bold colors to enhance your best features, but focus on completing your look using blacks and neutrals. Sometimes a bright sneaker is all you’ll need to feel the confidence of color.

When choosing colors for yourself, get creative and playful. Experiment by making choices based on your coloring, not your preference. Brunettes look great in cool colors like blue and green, while blondes and red heads tend to shine in warmer tones like yellow and red. Don’t worry, though, if that system is too complex, then use your eye color and match it! Ultimately, have fun experimenting with color in the dressing room or take advantage of online retailers’ easy return policies. No one is watching you so you can play around, and get it wrong the first few times and take time to explore the colorfully active person you can be.