How Fitness Stars Do Earth Day

24Life asked some of our favorite fitness experts how they plan to celebrate Earth Day and what they think others could do to honor the holiday …

“[I’ll celebrate Earth Day] by going to the Farmer’s Market, buying a fresh bouquet of locally grown flowers and bundles of fresh fruits and veggies. Then I am going to have a party in my kitchen and cook up a colorful storm for my friends!” Cassey Ho, Creator of POP Pilates and social media star.
“We want to make every day Earth Day, so we’ve gone to great lengths to accurately measure our own carbon footprint as a company, which we’re compensating for by buying carbon offset credits through a wonderful forest protection scheme in Zimbabwe called the Kariba REDD+ Project. Every company has a moral obligation to play its part in securing our future, and Earth Day is just a great chance to reflect on what all of us can do, individually and collectively.” Phillip Mills, CEO of Les Mills International.
“I will spread the word to my students in Zumba classes on Earth Day … it’s important that everyone take some sort of action, whether that’s educating yourself, recycling and remembering that every day is Earth Day. We can all create a movement if we work together, just like dancing brings people together.” Beto Perez, Creator of Zumba.
“I’ll be celebrating Earth Day with a chilly dip into the North Atlantic from my hometown beach in Manchester, Massachusetts. It will be my way of paying homage to my all that nature gives me — energy, calm and perspective. The salt water is my soul reviver and for 120 days a year I manage to get wet. So, on Earth Day, there is no better way for me to celebrate than to immerse myself (literally) in her beauty.” Josh Crosby, Co-creator Indo-Row and ShockWave.
“Honoring Earth Day is something we try to live every day of our lives. We do our best to treat everything with gratitude and love … including our fellow brothers and sisters, who also reside on this planet. This Earth Day, we plan to start growing our own herbs here at home, starting with cilantro and parsley, which are two herbs we absolutely love juicing every morning. What can we do to celebrate Earth Day? Eat locally grown food, carpool, kick it with someone in their environmentally conscious vehicle, bike to work, unplug some of our appliances in the morning, run less water during showers or dishwashing (or eliminate some of these activities that day), research and give or volunteer to an organization you feel attached to: Marine Life, Safe Drinking Water, Community Cleanup, etc., take a walk or hike and enjoy God’s beauty and finally, be thankful for this beautiful planet we live on. It is up to us to be aware of our environmental threats and to help raise awareness in reducing them. If we shout loud enough, the Earth will hear us!” – Susy and Matt Marks, Creators of U-Jam.
“The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to work out with one of Earth’s precious elements: Water. If spring weather permits, there is nothing like a good outside swim or row on the water. If weather does not permit, you can always go swim at the gym or get on rower, which uses water as resistance. Using water as a form of resistance for exercise provides a challenging and natural experience for all levels of fitness.” Doris Thews, Program Director of WaterRower GX.
“I love all the rallies and festivals celebrating Earth Day. It’s important to focus on finding answers for the world’s environmental problems as well as celebrating the incredible beauty and strength of the natural world. We need to really pressure the leaders of government and commerce to address the issues facing us today. I plan to plant a dozen trees on Earth Day. But the best case scenario is if we have Earth Day every day. Because that really is the truth of it, without Earth, we’re nothing!” – Lauren Walker, Creator of Energy Medicine Yoga.
“[I encourage everyone to] be resourceful with your energy, conserve water and eat organic foods as much as possible — try to eat foods that are in season and always support your local farmers.” – Tracey Mallett, Creator of bootybarre.

Wondering how you can help? Find out how to take action with Earth Day Network.

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