How Yogi Taylor EyeWalker Lives a Spiritual Life

Southern California-based yoga instructor Taylor EyeWalker uses routine, rituals, tea and smart meditation to bring spirituality to herself, family and clients.

24Life recently sat down with EyeWalker to find out more about what she’s passionate about, how she likes to move and more.

24Life: What tips would you offer for getting more out of your workout?

Taylor EyeWalker (TW): I suggest concentrating on your breath — deep and conscious breaths are absolutely essential to getting the most energy from your body. I also recommend focusing on where you are working your body — visualize what you would like to see transform and move by silently and mentally speaking to yourself in a way that promotes what you would love to see. I am a true believer that we can think our way to transformation as we breathe and move.

24Life: You only have 24 minutes to work out today. What would you do?

EW: I would do five minutes of bouncing on a mini trampoline, five minutes of squats, three minutes of plank, two minutes of mountain climbers, one minute of push-ups, four minutes of alternate nostril breathing and four minutes to completely relax on my back. This way I’m targeting the lymph system, grounding my body into the earth, opening my hips, stabilizing core strength, toning my arms and working with the flow of breath and balancing the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Solid and quick practice to start the day!

24Life: How do you stay fit when traveling?

EW: No matter where I go, I’m always bringing an arsenal of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and meditations, a jump rope and core stabilizing exercises. I can pretty much stay fit wherever I go if I have a little bit of space to practice.

24Life: What is your power meal?

EW: Nothing is quite like a big giant healing green superfood salad. I like to put mixed greens, dill, cilantro, dandelion greens, green onions, nori, cucumber, avocado, wakame, miso, turmeric, cayenne, chlorella, spirulina, a splash of lemon and olive oil and toss it really good … best salad ever!

24Life: What’s your #1 stress buster?

EW: Easy — meditation. I have a particular one I do every day. But if you don’t have one, closing your eyes and beginning to breathe deeply while focusing on the energy flowing through the whole body does the trick.

24Life: Secrets to getting stuff done?

EW: I have a list practice. One that includes projects — long term and short term, also goals and a daily list with a plan of action. That keeps me on track and clear.

24Life: Tips to get a good night’s sleep?

EW: Start winding down a couple hours earlier than when you plan to get in bed. Do some light stretching. Taking a bath or warm shower in the evening is helpful – you can oil the body up head to toe and turn the lights down so your eyes can begin to prepare for sleep. I actually like to have on as little light as possible when I am preparing for bed. I also make sure all my cycles are complete before the wind down portion of my day so my mind isn’t thinking about all the things I should have finished that day. Make sure to also have your last meal five-to-six hours before bed to ensure proper digestion and metabolization of your food. If we could all do a little more of that and have respect for our rest cycles, we could really maximize our productivity in a day.

24Life: Any tips for meditation or reflection?

EW: My tip is, find a teacher and share with them what you’re working on in your life so they can guide you. If you haven’t yet found a teacher that you resonate with, see what it feels like to close your eyes and feel yourself completely. Feel all the sensations of your body and then see if you can feel yourself spacious, as you witness yourself in the stillness that you are creating.

There’s really nothing greater than closing your eyes and witnessing yourself in conscious breath.

That’s a real game changer.

24Life: What’s your greatest passion (outside of your work)?

EW: I love to work with natural plant dyes, design interiors of spaces, study about yogic teachings, listen to and play music, explore what new chefs are doing out in the world and connect with new people. My inspiration in life seems to be endless.

24Life: Where do you find inspiration?

EW: Color, light, sound, texture, feeling, people and my own energy.

24Life: What’s on your bedside table (reading) or top of your podcast/playlist?

EW: Currently, I’m reading “One Taste: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality” by Ken Wilber. I’m also sleeping to the new White Sun album.

24Life: What is in your 24? Describe a typical day in your life?

EW: Wake up, have tea and Sadhana (my daily spiritual practice), a light meal, a couple coaching clients, work out, eat, teach a yoga class, a couple more coaching clients, make dinner, connect with my partner, then wind down for sleep and bed before midnight.

24Life: Advice to the world in one sentence or your favorite quote?

EW: “Human love is for one thing only: to love your soul. Then the Infinite world around you will be in love with you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

For more information on Taylor EyeWalker, check out “Sacred Spaces with Taylor EyeWalker” in the latest issue of 24Life magazine.