10 Years of #Fitspo

On the 10-year anniversary of the hashtag, we’re celebrating some of the most inspiring fitness and wellness hashtags.

Can you remember social media before the hashtag? If it seems like forever ago, that’s because it was! A decade ago last month, to be precise.

In honor of 10 years of hashtags (first used on Twitter to group tweets), we rounded up a few of our fave inspiring and motivating fitness and health hashtags on Instagram, another social media platform that has adopted the hashtag to group images with similar content (#sorrynotsorry).

#fitspiration (#fitspo for short)

Need some workout inspiration? To date on Instagram, the hashtag #fitspiration has been used in a whopping 13 million posts. Of course, that’s nothing compared to its shorthand version, #fitspo, which currently sits at 46.9 million.


Get some clean eating inspo from the more than 44.8 million people who have used this hashtag.


Find your health and wellness tribe with a little help from this hashtag, which has been used more than 73.5 million times on Instagram.


Do you even lift, bro? These 17.2 million ladies that have used the hashtag do. #gains.


Show off your love of #yoga along with 11 million other yogis.


If you’re a serious runner, chances are you’re one of the 34.4 million who’ve used this hashtag at least once (even if it was just a photo of your new #running shoes).


What’s more inspiring than 8 million photos of nature? Answer: #Nothing.

Photo credit: Dirima, Thinkstock