Four FAQs about Becoming a Zumba Instructor

Thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor? Here are a few tips from current teachers.

Ever think about taking Zumba to the next level? Whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a student with a dream, you can build a successful business using your dance fitness skills. Here are four frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with insider advice from people who have already found success!

Question #1: Can you start a Zumba business if you don’t already work in fitness?

Yes! Once you’re a licensed instructor, the opportunities are endless—regardless of your background. For Kim Barna, owner of Blazin Dance & Fitness, it was an easy choice to step away from her degrees and work experience in the psychology field once she started taking Zumba classes in 2009. After a year and a half of classes, Kim went to a B1 training and taught in other studios for about 9 months. She wanted to be in control of her class schedule and opened her own studio in 2011. The mom of three never looked back!

Question #2: How do you build a following?

Zumba is a social activity, so you’ll want to get out there and meet people! For Christine Patel, this required a big investment after she moved to a new town and didn’t know anybody. Christine says, “The best way to meet local ZINs was to crash a few classes. I started at and also found local Zumba groups on Facebook. This way, I found out about classes and charity events to introduce myself as a new instructor to the area. Once I found a few facilities I was comfortable in, I took lots of classes and built relationships. Pretty quickly, I was subbing and then had my own class schedule, and the beginnings of my Zumba following!”

Question #3: What can I do to stand out?

Build buzz with great basics—solid choreography and a party atmosphere—and offer classes that can’t be missed. Renee Gelber of Z Spot Events says, “Creating a memorable experience starts with making the participants feel welcome and that you truly appreciate their business. After all, they are spending time with you instead of their families and other obligations! Keeping things unique can be tough, but I like to play with themes, colors, contests, giveaways and partnering with other instructors to make it exciting, different and fresh.”

Question #4: How do I get started?

If you don’t already have your B1 license, that’s your first step! Find a training here. According to Barna, there’s a simple recipe for getting started. “I did exactly what I thought people would want, what I would want if I was still a student. I charged fair prices and stuck to the Zumba formula (and still do)! I went to trainings over time and took everything I could from the information I was given. I listen to what my students like and don’t like, and I give 150% of myself in each class.”

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