Need Motivation? Four Influencers on Setting Goals and Creating Habits to Achieve

We asked fitness influencers for their New Year’s resolutions and where they find motivation when they feel like giving up. Over the next few weeks, we’re sharing a few of their answers.

This is the time when we start mulling over what we want to accomplish in the New Year. Whether it’s a fitness-related resolution (run a marathon, get a six-pack), or another life goal (get a new job, learn a new language), setting goals is a great way to push ourselves to be better. But oftentimes, we run out of steam soon after we start.

We asked a few fitness influencers to share their 2018 resolutions, and some tips for the moments when motivation is lacking or they feel like quitting.

Courtesy of Austin G. Lyle

Austin Lyle
Instagram: @Austin.G.Lyle2018 resolution: Keep going. Keep believing in myself and keep pushing myself to reach my goals no matter what. Even when things seem stagnant, if you continue to maintain positive habits and giving your best, that’s when you can create huge breakthroughs without even realizing it. You’ll look back after a few weeks, months or years and be astonished how far you’ve come.
Where do you find motivation on days when you feel like giving up? I realized a while back that relying on motivation as your sole source of fuel is a very rocky path, only setting yourself up for failure. To create success and reach your goals, you have to create habits. You do this by creating consistency. This means getting up early and going to the gym even when you’re not feeling it; taking time to sit still and write out your plan for the day, goals for the week or year. It takes discipline. But if you stay consistent you will create habits. And when you create habits you will create success.

Photo credit: Lesley Leoung

Linda Piyawadhanachai
Instagram: @lindaaabear2018 resolution: Help others achieve their health and fitness goals by using and applying my knowledge and experience.
How do you motivate yourself when you feel like quitting? I always remind myself why I wanted this in the first place. It’s a great reminder because when we first set goals, we’re ready to work our very best to achieve them. But then those bumpy roads come along and we forget how bad we wanted it. Bumpy roads and setbacks are a part of the process, it’s never easy but the outcome and results are always worth it.

Photo credit: Crysta Taylor Chambers

Katie Daly
Instagram: @katiedaly2018 resolution: Say “yes” to opportunity and new adventures. I feel like I am a creature of habit and so focused on my goals that I often say I don’t have the time or I’d rather be in the gym or studying. I feel like I am missing out on trying new things and experiencing more in life. I want to live more!
Where do you find motivation when you feel like quitting? There are three quotes that I LOVE when it comes to staying motivated:

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” I am a very visual, goal-oriented person. So whether it be working out, sticking to my diet or studying, what helps me the most is writing down my overall long-term goals, weekly goals and daily to-do lists of how I am going to accomplish these overall goals. I keep a planner on me 24/7. I use the months page to keep a record of what body parts I trained on which days so I can look at it at a quick glance, and for the weekly/daily section I plan out what I am going to do around my work schedule. Every morning I make a simple to-do list with my priorities listed first (which always include studying and working out) and other things like errands. It sounds like a lot but it only takes a few minutes while eating breakfast to plan out what needs to get done!

“Do something today your future self will thank you for.” With everything laid out, even if I’m feeling tired or unmotivated, I keep in mind what I want to accomplish in my life and know that the only way I am going to get there is by working for it!!

“Don’t wish for it, work for it.” Aside from goal-setting, reading self-help books or keeping a gratitude journal really help to put me in a positive mindset!

Photo credit: @oguynes3

Chauntele Mike
Instagram: @chauntelelovelyne2018 resolution: To make sure my goals and happiness are main priorities. My goals include staying fit, healthy and most of all, happy. We all focus so much on what we “have” to do and not enough on what makes us happy. I plan to give more time and more of myself to things I love to do.
What do you do when you feel like quitting, or lack motivation? I remind myself how much I really want this and what my goals are. I remind myself that I am in competition with no one but myself and each day is a new day to apply all it takes to be the best version of myself I can be. My only competition is with who I was yesterday, not social guidelines or what the media tells me is beautiful.

Photo credit (hero): Uber Images, Adobe Stock