Need Motivation? Two Influencers on How Their Kids Keep Them Going

We asked fitness influencers for their New Year’s resolutions and where they find motivation when they feel like giving up. For the next few weeks, we’re sharing a few of their answers.

This is the time when we start mulling over what we want to accomplish in the New Year. Whether it’s a fitness-related resolution (run a marathon, get a six-pack), or another life goal (get a new job, learn a new language), setting goals is a great way to push ourselves to be better. But oftentimes, we run out of steam soon after we start.

We asked a few fitness influencers to share their 2018 resolutions, and some tips for the moments when motivation is lacking or they feel like quitting.

Courtesy of Danitza Freigher

Danitza Freigher
Instagram: @danitzad2018 resolution(s): To step up my mom game, and teach my daughters all the ways they can be confident, independent and powerful leaders when they grow up!
What do you say to yourself when you feel like quitting, or lack motivation? “You’re a role model for your daughters, Danitza! Don’t let them down. Show them what it means to make a goal and follow through with hard work, determination and perseverance.”

Courtesy of Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews
Instagram: @K1lla__cam2018 resolution: I am ending 2017 by launching my clothing line, Cam Theory. My goal for 2018 is continue to grow Cam Theory and add at least six more pieces to the line.
Where do you find motivation when you feel like quitting or giving up? I have a wonderful 10-year-old son who keeps me going. He knows I’m building a brand that I will be leaving for him when it is my time to retire. He looks up to me as a mentor and leader, as well as a father. The support from social media also keeps me going; knowing I have eyes on me at all times keeps me accountable to reach my goals.

Photo credit: Jenn Evelyn-Ann, Unsplash