Setback is the Platform for a Comeback

Love football or hate it, there is great inspiration in the power of a comeback.

Regardless of which color jersey you wore last night, the championship game offered us all the chance to celebrate the glory of a good game, a good fight and a comeback strategy that delivers results.

It showed a setback is just a platform for your comeback. Here are four takeaway lessons that offer a Monday mindset worth pushing into overtime play this week and beyond.

1. The work is done

In the middle of a crisis, or what may appear as a looming failure, it is easy and understandable to accept obstacles as insurmountable and resign oneself to losing. This is the time for confidence. The type of confidence that is calm, cool and collected. You’ve already done the work, your training is complete. You have practice in your blood, and plays in your bones and now it’s time to play the circumstances facing you instead of dwelling on how you arrived at them. Show up, get present and do what you came here to do.

2. Believe in the possible

In order to secure a win, you have to believe that is one is possible for you. Think over the many possible scenarios that lead to your success. There are infinite realities and paths that can unfold to make your dream come true. Evaluate the strategies that you have practiced and mapped out in your practices. Which has the most potential for the situation? Which gives you the most energy? If you have a mantra, or a power phrase, or prayer, put it into play now. Draw on that energy and focus on the end result.

3. Trust the power of a team

There is strength in numbers; look and listen carefully to those around you. This is the time that you need your team most. Who has your back? Who is willing to help you stay focused, committed and give you the support that you need, in order to meet the challenge at hand? There is great power and energy in a collective committed to a comeback. Get clear on exactly what you need to do physically, mentally and spiritually to support the situation.

4. Give every ounce

Setbacks are not the time to hold back or contemplate or reflect on the potential for failure. This is the time to be decisive and confident that your focused contribution is moving you forward –- and put all your attention into what’s happening in the moment. You’ll have the double advantage of action and an eye for opportunity –- that split-second when you manifest the change you seek.

Photo credit: Getty Images, Kevin C. Cox.