Your November Chakrastrology Update

Make your dreams a reality this month by focusing on what you really want out of life.

What is Chakrastrology™?

Editor’s Note: Chakrastrology is based on the principle that each of our chakras (energy centers) is ruled by a planet, and that by working with both, we experience greater health and well-being. This wisdom is rooted in ancient texts and brought to life in a modern context. By looking at our chakras in terms of the planets, we get a major advantage in working with them and in seeing what’s influencing them now. For more information on Chakrastrology, scroll to the bottom of this article.

November 2017

When the outer planets of our solar system light up the sky with their energy in November, we celebrate the opportunity to tune up our crown chakra, this month’s Chakrastrology focus. Because the properties of the crown chakra include a connection to all things, the ruler is simply considered to be the “universe.” Astrologically speaking, the outer planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) embody the transpersonal energy of the crown chakra, and help us to align with the higher states of consciousness this chakra expresses. For most of the month of November, we have an astrological aspect pattern between key planets that enables attraction and manifestation, giving you the ability to make your dreams reality.

At the beginning of the month, the full moon in Taurus on November 4 helps us to regroup and focus on our core values, asking us what we really want out of life. Luckily, this is the perfect time to get it! There is a positive, expansive energy at this time that coincides with the “anything is possible” energy of the crown chakra. This is the perfect time for some self-examination (and meditation!) to get to the heart of what you want to put into motion this month. Carefully untangle yourself from any false signals or societal impositions of what you “should” do. Listen to your intuitive flashes of inspiration, follow your heart and connect with your soul’s purpose.

According to astrology, our soul’s purpose is written in the stars. Our paths are laid out for us, but it’s up to us to seize them, and say “Yes!” to our adventure. When we do, we move smoothly and confidently toward our destiny. If we don’t, we encounter resistance and are resigned to our fate. This month, the stars are aligned for you to activate your powers of manifestation and create whatever helps you on the road toward your destiny!

Manifestation is not magic. It is inspiration + action.

None of us can think our way into our wildest dreams, we must actually do what is necessary to get there. During the new moon in Scorpio on November 18, you have the opportunity to tap into your inner mystic and transform what is necessary for you to move forward into the fullest expression of yourself. There is also an energetic signature at this time that suggests powerful financial gain is yours—if you make the moves to get there. Consider working with trusted partners or friends, but, whatever you do, let your dreams inspire action.

There is also ample opportunity to manifest love in your life. Whether that be starting something with a new love interest, or rekindling the fires of an old flame, all month long the power is present for passion. Put your thoughts and desires into action here by demonstrating your love in a palpable way. Use compliments, gifts, acts of service or quality time in order to show the other your interest and attraction. Remember, the law of attraction is highlighted this month, so attract!

Whatever your will is pulling you toward, now is the time. The energies are there. Do not squander this opportunity by keeping your head in the clouds. Bring your dreams to earth by acting upon them. The gift of the crown chakra is our ability to connect to divine inspiration and embody it. When we embody it, we become it. Let your dreams become reality through you.

Recommended activities: Connecting to the crown chakra is a way for us to plug in and recharge. Similar to the way you plug in your smartphone at night, the energy that comes in through the crown chakra refuels you from top to bottom. When we’re sapped of this energy, we suffer from burnout. The absolute best thing to do to tap into the crown chakra is meditation. Establishing a daily meditation practice this month is sure to keep you fueled.

You can also boost your crown chakra energy with an after-work shavasana (yoga’s famed deep relaxation pose). Spend 10 to 15 minutes when you return home from work resting comfortably on your back with soothing music and an eye pillow. Reduce all distractions, and let your body and mind press the reset button. Self-care is paramount for staying tapped into your higher energy. Try an Energy Stretch or Stretch Release class at your local 24 Hour Fitness to help increase your deep relaxation and enhance your well being.

November Chakrastrology meditation: With our focus on the crown chakra for the month of November, challenge yourself to establish a daily meditation practice. There are many benefits to regular meditation, including reduced stress and anxiety, as well as increased overall well-being. With meditation, consistency is key. Even three to five minutes of quiet meditation per day is more beneficial than less consistent, longer sessions.

Try starting your day with the following simple meditation to increase the connection to your crown chakra, reduce fatigue, alleviate stress and cultivate gratitude.

Mantra of the month: I am connected to my highest purpose.

Crown chakra smoothie recipe: Coconut milk, pineapple, lime and coconut water

November’s Chakrastrology focus:

Crown chakra + universe

Focus: Connection
Location: Crown of the head, pituitary gland, brain
Core mantra: I am.
Sanskrit name: Sahasrara (meaning: “thousand-petaled lotus”)

The crown chakra is not ruled by one thing, but everything. It symbolizes our connection to others, the world around us and the universe. Cultivating connection is at the heart of creating a joyful life.

More on Chakrastrology

The ancient wisdom of the chakras reveals that there are “energetic hot spots” within the body where we store our experiences, emotions and beliefs. When we don’t examine these deeper elements of the self, then eventually imbalances in these areas manifest as physical sensations like tension or chronic pain. This is the inherent link between mind and body, and the chakras provide us a road map for unlocking it!

To take this understanding further and to see how our chakras are being influenced by the outside world, we look at their connection to the planets, which are yet another ancient body of wisdom. In alignment with the alchemical idea “As above, so below,” we watch the planets above us for insight into what’s happening within us. For millennia, astrologers have witnessed the influence of the planets on our day-to-day lives.

By recognizing the intrinsic links between the planets and areas of our body (the chakras), we also get invaluable information about how to optimize our health and well-being. This comprehensive system, known as chakrastrology, bridges the gap between outer and inner, and helps us make sense (and greater health).

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