Your May Chakrastrology Update

What is Chakrastrology™?

Editor’s Note: Chakrastrology is based on the principle that each of our chakras (energy centers) is ruled by a planet, and that by working with both, we experience greater health and well-being. This wisdom is rooted in ancient texts and brought to life in a modern context. By looking at our chakras in terms of the planets, we get a major advantage in working with them and in seeing what’s influencing them now. For more information on Chakrastrology, scroll to the bottom of this article.

May 2018

During the month of May, the Chakrastrology focus is on the root chakra, as Saturn spends the month placing pressure on our core values, and urges us to complete important tasks. As the “father figure” of the sky, Saturn’s energy is oppressive when we attempt to ignore it. However, if we work with Saturn’s energy, it aids us in getting the most important matters completed. When tendencies to procrastinate or derail ourselves creep in, Saturn’s energy is very useful, as it plays taskmaster in our lives, keeping us on track. Making friends with the pressure of Saturn is the best way to maneuver through the constriction and come out the other side successfully.

The first major event in May that calls Saturn to our side is the Taurus new moon on May 15. Taurus energy focuses on core values, finances and basic needs. Right in alignment with the root chakra, these elements of our lives need to be deeply examined at this time to ensure we stand on a strong foundation. The root chakra is imbalanced when basic needs are not met—when finances are out of control, employment is questionable or our core values no longer serve us. Saturn’s paternal energy urges us to get these fundamental things in order so we can move forward with confidence and clarity, no matter what life throws our way.

While this type of personal work may feel tedious, we have Saturn on our side if we utilize this energy properly. The tendency to fall into old patterns is strong. Many will revert to unconscious behavior and lash out, rather than focus on the work at hand. Try instead to think outside the box, and see a way forward. If finances are a challenge, see what abundance you do have. If core values need a makeover, look to those that inspire you for a reference point as to what values you want to embrace. The importance of having our roots planted firmly cannot be underestimated. For those of us that have felt this instability, we know the value of setting the most important elements of our lives in stone, not sand!

One way to do this is by taking stock of all we have, and cultivating gratitude. It may sound trivial, but it is not. Gratitude is at the heart of every positive human emotion, and by creating a mindset of gratitude, we provide ourselves the foundation for all the good things in life, starting with the fundamentals. A simple gracious shift in perspective makes the difference between an attitude of lack and abundance, or instability and stability. While the bigger changes like securing a steady job, or taking control of our financial future takes much more time and effort, gratitude is how we pave the way for bigger things to happen. This month’s meditation practice provides a simple tool to cultivate gratitude, and can be done daily.

Toward the end of the month, as we encounter the new moon in Sagittarius on May 29, Saturn lets us off the hook a little bit. We can test out our new footing by exploring new ways of thinking. The Sagittarius energy breathes new life and expansiveness into what is otherwise a duty-filled (but worthwhile) time. Use this energy to reach out to others, explore different healing modalities, fitness classes or groups of people.

If the previous instability contracts us into feeling alone, this new moon encourages us to be social and gregarious. If we try to work the high side of all we’ve earned this month, we are richly rewarded with a new outlook that facilitates further growth, but stable growth. Like a tree, when our roots are deep, our branches reach sky high.

This month, as we focus on the root chakra, activities that ground us and strengthen our foundation provide the balance necessary for this energy center. This is a good time to rekindle a daily jog or run that you may have abandoned during the winter and early spring months. Getting outside, connecting with the earth and using your legs to propel you are fantastic ways to engage the root chakra. In your strength training routine, focus on squats, creating more power in your foundation. The same can be done in a yoga class by emphasizing standing postures.

Try a U-JAM Fitness class for more stability and strength in this area. While at home, go barefoot! Connect to the earth in this simple way, and if you have the opportunity, take a barefoot stroll outside. The element of the root chakra is the earth, so in whatever way you enjoy connecting with the planet, take time to do that this month!

May Chakrastrology meditation

Saturn’s powerful, constrictive energy dominates this month, but that doesn’t mean we need to succumb to the pressure. In fact, while we are making strides creating a stable foundation for ourselves, we can lighten the load by developing a healthy mindset of gratitude. Gratitude allows us to bear all things, and see life with an elevated perspective, no matter what challenges arise. Try the following meditation to alleviate Saturn’s energy and keep yourself connected to the positive side of life.

Mantra of the Month: I am grateful for my steady foundation in life.

Root Chakra smoothie recipe: Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cocoa nibs and coconut water

May’s Chakrastrology focus

Root Chakra + Saturn
Focus: Finding solid ground
Location: Base of spine, seat, legs, feet
Core mantra: “I am stable.”
Element: Earth
Sanskrit name: Muladhara (meaning: “root place”)

Saturn is the task master of the planets, asking us to get stuff done! Its rulership over the root chakra tries to firm up our stability as he urges us to stay grounded, and tend to our basic needs.

More on Chakrastrology

The ancient wisdom of the chakras reveals that there are “energetic hot spots” within the body where we store our experiences, emotions and beliefs. When we don’t examine these deeper elements of the self, then eventually imbalances in these areas manifest as physical sensations like tension or chronic pain. This is the inherent link between mind and body, and the chakras provide us a road map for unlocking it!

To take this understanding further and to see how our chakras are being influenced by the outside world, we look at their connection to the planets, which are yet another ancient body of wisdom. In alignment with the alchemical idea “As above, so below,” we watch the planets above us for insight into what’s happening within us. For millennia, astrologers have witnessed the influence of the planets on our day-to-day lives.

By recognizing the intrinsic links between the planets and areas of our body (the chakras), we also get invaluable information about how to optimize our health and well-being. This comprehensive system, known as chakrastrology, bridges the gap between outer and inner, and helps us make sense (and greater health).

Photo credit: Luke Dahlgren, Unsplash