Calling the Dream With Rha Goddess


What would it feel like to live fully in your potential? Do you truly believe you could follow your dream—and survive? According to the United Nations’ annual World Happiness Report, Americans are more miserable than they have been in years. Despite a growing economy, low unemployment and rising wages, it seems like we are experiencing a collective poverty of spirit.

Enter Rha Goddess, founder and CEO of Move the Crowd, an enlightened entrepreneurial training company. Goddess’ company is training the next generation of wellness entrepreneurs to harness their values, creativity and desire to change the world—and make a satisfying living doing it.

Goddess is not just urging us to follow our dreams. “No matter where you sit or where you stand, you’re in business. And that business is a sacred opportunity and a sacred responsibility to be in divine exchange with the people for whom you want to make a difference,” she says, whether that’s through a product, service or experience.

It’s a nontraditional perspective on making a living, but, Goddess adds, “I think people more and more are awakening to that commitment.”

From student to soul coach


Goddess’ path to becoming a self-described entrepreneurial soul coach was an unconventional one, filled with so many seemingly disconnected experiences that it is amazing to see how they all led her toward her ultimate vocation.

“I joke that I came to my calling kicking and screaming because I was doing things that were safe and easy, and yet the universe had a different plan for me,” Goddess says. “I started out majoring in chemistry at Vassar. Then I founded a hip-hop label focused on social activism.” Goddess says she worked as an artist, as a consultant and as a creative organizer for many years, but she couldn’t quite put the economics of those experiences together. “And then I had a come-to-Jesus moment,” she explains, “where I realized I needed those unorthodox business experiences in order to bring all the elements together for Move the Crowd.”

In the fall of 2011, Goddess put a stake in the ground for the company by declaring Move the Crowd’s mission: Help people become their most authentic selves, help them make a living using their highest talents and empower them to change the world.

“At the end of the day, each of us just wants to be true to who we are, to be valued and well-compensated for what we provide, and to make a contribution that matters,” Goddess says. “That’s where my work really comes to life—giving people the opportunity to stay true, get paid and do good.”

Turning inner clarity into external impact


Move the Crowd offers online courses, consulting programs and coaching, all of which equip people with the knowledge, guidance and community they need to bring their purpose to life. The difference is that coaching programs are based on the principle of being true to your calling (more on that later), making a difference—the difference you want to make—in the world, and earning a living doing it.

The work on resistance—both internal and external—is crucial because resistance is a major impediment to success. It’s one that Goddess struggled with even as she worked to launch Move the Crowd.

“The reasons I resisted this journey are the reasons that most people resist,” Goddess says. “The first thing that we often struggle with is, ‘Who am I?’ Whatever we’ve inherited about who we think we are or what we deserve can get in the way of goals. And then, ‘How am I going to pay the bills and eat?’ which was the big fear for me. And then the third one is, ‘Who am I to think that I can change the world?’ Those were the three main frontiers I grappled with, so we spend a lot of time helping people overcome those forms of resistance.”

The second program is VIP Coaching, which is focused on providing high-impact leaders with the inspiration, mentoring and community necessary to help them work at their highest level.

“Leaders face a unique set of challenges,” Goddess explains. “The higher you go, the more responsibility you have, the more pressure, the more stress, the more demands—so you have to have a reservoir to draw from to be able to lead with grounding and integrity. It all comes down to mindset, and the inner work is everything.”

Making “little c” and “big C” contributions

The ultimate entrepreneurial opportunity is when individuals, in serving their highest purpose and career, also help society overall by empowering a collective of soul entrepreneurs who will spread their impact worldwide.

“I believe that our deepest desire is to be a contribution to the world,” Goddess says. “And I believe our contributions take the form of both ‘little c’ and ‘big C.’ ‘Little c’ is when you’re called to speak, act, lean in or be still in a particular moment. And our ability to stay connected to those ‘little c’ moments is through our intuition, our internal guidance system. And then there’s ‘big C,’ which is where you are called in your life. It is the bigger contribution that only you can bring to the world.”

“You’re here for a reason. And we need your impact,” Goddess adds. “So my goal is to strengthen your ‘little c’ skills and to connect you to your ‘big C’ higher purpose so you can answer the call to serve.”

Getting it all done


We have been conditioned to believe in scarcity of time, money and attention—and that scarcity consciousness can prevent us from reaching our goals. According to Goddess, the truth is that there is plenty. We can be prosperous and loving. We can do work that we love and have quality time with our kids. All of it is possible. Here are some of Goddess’ recommendations for getting things done, mindfully and efficiently:

  1. Get up early. “I often wake up between 5 and 5:30 a.m. It’s so still it’s like it’s just me and God. I do some mind-body-spirit work such as yoga and journaling. Then I take time to set goals and objectives for the day.”
  2. Ease into evening. “I take time to recap the day in my mind and prepare for the next day, including planning my food and clothes. Before I go to sleep, I focus on gratitude, thanks and stillness.”
  3. Visualize your tribe. “If you have a vision of the type of people you want to be in a relationship with, you will attract people with whom you are aligned. And they will be your support system as you follow your calling.”
  4. Take a breath. “Whenever I’m in the midst of chaos, I always tell myself, ‘Breathe, child, breathe.’ We all need to give ourselves permission to slow down, take a breath and consciously transition from one thing to another versus relentless, frenzied multitasking.”
  5. Set your clock. “We all have a rhythm, pace and staging for how we work best, and that includes rest, food and exercise, as well. Figure out your optimum work style, and do your best to create those conditions to maximize your energy and efficiency.”


Photo and Video Credit: Tom Casey, box24studio.com