Five Steps to Redefine Success on Your Terms So Nothing Can Hold You Back

What does success mean to you?

Has anyone ever asked you that? If you’re like most, success was defined for you by family, friends and other people in your life. But that’s not necessarily what true success looks like for you.

Close your eyes and begin to visualize yourself living the ultimate life of your dreams. What does it look like? Who’s there? What are you doing, wearing and feeling?

Now open your eyes.

The image you conjured up was your truth, your version of what success looks like.

Why is this important?

If you let anyone else define success for you, you’ll never truly experience inner peace and happiness.

So are you ready to get even clearer on your definition of success? Take a moment and dance around (that’s right!) and shake out any old beliefs you’re holding on to about success. Let them go, get them out—OK, let’s move on!

Five steps to define success on your own terms

It’s time to get comfortable, inspired and clear. Grab a pen and a journal, and lock yourself in a room where you cannot be disturbed. Put a sign up to keep everyone out if you need to—this is your time.

Step 1: Draw the picture

Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye, begin to paint a detailed picture of the life of your dreams. Don’t hold back here—let whatever you truly desire to reveal itself. Notice everything in this picture.

Use these questions to help you get clear:

  1. What do you see?
  2. Who is there?
  3. What are you doing?
  4. Are there any smells?
  5. What about any sounds you hear?
  6. Where are you located?
  7. How much money are you making?

Once you’re clear on all the above questions, ask yourself, “How do I feel? What emotions am I experiencing?” Take note of any emotions or feelings that you are experiencing and hold them in your body.

Step 2: Write it out

Now open your eyes and put your pen to the paper. Write down all that came up for you. Describe your vision in as much detail as you can, and be sure to document those emotions, too.

And remember, this should be fun! If you aren’t experiencing joy in this exercise, there may still be some old beliefs holding you back, and that’s entirely OK! Accept where you are and allow for growth each time you do this exercise.

Step 3: Get clear

Look over all you’ve written and begin to highlight or underline the pieces that stand out most to you.

Maybe it’s the paragraph about you working remotely on a beach somewhere. It might even be the section where you talk about being a rock-star mom, wife and business owner.

Step 4: Rewrite it and stick to it

Take all the parts of your vision that you highlighted and rewrite them. As you go through each one, make sure it feels good to you.

Avoid comparing it to what others might think success looks like. If it brings you ease and confidence, it’s yours to take. Be sure to place this piece of paper somewhere that you will see it every day. You can even tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Step 5: Acknowledge success and let it shift

Now that you’ve defined success for yourself, be sure to take time to acknowledge when you’ve accomplished something that aligns with your version of success. Celebrate you and get excited already!

Also, keep in mind that your definition of success will change, which is perfectly normal. As you accomplish new goals and levels of success, you’ll find you have to define new success markers, which is fun and exciting.

Success on your terms

Getting clear on what success looks like to you will bring your personal and professional growth to a place of ease, joy and alignment.

And if you really want to skyrocket your success, keep yourself in a high-vibe place and align every action with your definition of success. Cheers to creating massive amounts of success on your own terms!

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Photo credit: Merlas, Getty Images