How to Design the Future We Want and Find the Path That Leads to It

Everyone wants to know the future, but how exactly? Authors Julia Rose West and Alida Draudt aim to help people better see the future and take action to shape it.

In their book, What the Foresight, West and Draudt make techniques used by futurists and innovators more accessible with simple exercises to reframe our thinking. There’s no single future we’re barreling toward, there are many. And while no one can predict what’s to come precisely, everyone can help guide things toward a desirable outcome.

In an interview with Lisa Kay Solomon, chair of Transformational Practices at Singularity University, West and Draudt explain how anyone can use foresight to explore, understand, and reimagine the future.

“Foresight is just design. We’re just designing futures. We’re looking at what futures we want, and we’re deciding how to get there,” West said.

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This article originally appeared on Singularity Hub, a publication of Singularity University.