How to Find Fitness Motivation and Mentorship From Your Community

We are stronger together. Two heads are better than one. A strand of three cords is not easily broken. There is no “I” in team.

There are so many of these types of sayings in our culture, and for good reason: Oftentimes, reaching our goals means leaning on the support and help of others. We truly are stronger as a team than as an individual.

We asked celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise to share how to find and use the support of mentors and friends to find motivation and reach your goals. Here are three key things he identified as game changers when it comes to staying on track with your fitness and health.

Get a mentor or coach

Having a mentor is critical to your success by keeping you accountable. The great thing about technology is that you can have a digital coach anytime, anyplace. If you’re looking for a coach, make sure it’s someone who has been through what you have. I coach a lot of people who were emotional eaters and overweight like I was. I invite you to join my club for one week of free coaching and get free Facebook coaching. Go to to sign up and to follow along. You also can follow me on Instagram @jorgecruise where I give away tips and tricks.

Find a community of like-minded people

This is critical, and with technology, you can create that community online. Make sure the people you surround yourself with always see the glass as half full because no matter how you slice it, it’s your perspective that matters. Surround yourself with like-minded people who keep you accountable. Every Monday, I do a live meeting for my members to keep them accountable. Visit to join this and meet with me and our positive community.

Use social media and technology for good

Like a fire, social media can bring light to a city or hurt and burn. Make sure to use it in a positive way, and don’t take things personally. One thing I use to encourage people (like I did with Khloe Kardashian on season one of “Revenge Body”) is to take a selfie once a week on Mondays and share it with your followers. Research shows that the selfie shows what the scale cannot. It can bolster your motivation. Even if the scale isn’t saying that you’re losing weight, the mirror or a selfie can show your body. Hopefully, your followers are your friends so they will support you, and if you have any negative people, block them and move on.

Photo credit: Vasyl, Adobe Stock