Forward Motion

Spring is a season of change. It’s time to take a good look at what’s working and what’s not working in all parts of your life.

Those parts of your life include your diet, your daily schedule and especially in your workout routine. Don’t forget to do a quick attitude check as well, as sometimes the things that we need to spring clean the most are the thoughts inside our heads.


Celebrity fitness expert and best-selling author Jorge Cruise answers 24Life readers’ burning questions in order to keep their motivation in forward motion.

24Life: What are your favorite spring training moves?

Jorge Cruise (JC): I love to get out in the sun and stretch out with HILO yoga—there is nothing better than getting a whole body workout to rejuvenate your mind and body. Also, high intensity interval training is a fabulous way to get deep toning and sculpting in a short amount of time—you can focus for just eight minutes, and get the benefits of a full hour-long workout!

24Life: What is a great pre- or post-run snack?

JC: My clients and I love to have our Tiny and Full Pea Protein shake with almond milk before a run, for an extra boost of energy, plus it curbs appetite to avoid hunger and it fuels your body. After a long run, a banana is the perfect snack to keep your mood elevated!

24Life: Should my diet change for each season?

JC: Filling your meals with vegetables and fruits is key, so your diet will inherently change with the seasons. During spring and summer, fill your plates with fresh salads full of tender greens and treat yourself with sweet pineapple and watermelon. When the weather turns cold, everyone craves hearty butternut squash soup and lovely roasted root vegetables. Sticking with the produce in season will keep your diet exciting and fresh.

24Life: I’m hitting a plateau in my weight loss. What can I do?

JC: Take time to check in with yourself, and re-center. Chances are you need to make a few adjustments to keep up your progress. Be sure to stick to the weight loss prescription for success: eat fit, move fit, think fit. Make sure to drink enough water—you should be drinking up to half your weight in ounces. Also, we all need our beauty sleep—the magic number is eight hours per night to feel fabulous and fit. Lastly, don’t forget to take a probiotic! A daily probiotic will aid in a happy digestive system and combat false belly fat from processed foods. Stay positive and keep your focus on your goals for optimum health!

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